Equal Money System is a Crap!, Equal Money

Is money really that matter most in this world? why money should be the hot issue? Does equal money system can snap out the world from the extreme damnation? Equal money system is a crap! This ain’t the solution to the real adversity that we are currently facing at the moment, this wont do us good but instead it will just lead us to condemn-ation! It will continually creates greater problems, we will loss the our economic financial stability, total loss of manual skilled workers, we will suffer unemployment, low prices, low levels of trade and investment due to the economic crisis. The world will be more depressed and dimmed. Why? It’s because no one want to take an arduous task, no one will like to have their skin burn under the sun, no one will work in dangerous high risk job like construction workers, cleaners, street sweeper, apple picker, health care assistant and many more other they will just seek very easy job instead, or those jobs that doesn’t requires too much stress and pressure. Everyone would like to fit in the shoe of a model, a taster or manager. The hard task labor or manual will be empty, everybody would want the most easiest and comfortable job, they’ll be fighting over one piece of a cake, settling themselves to win a light task and securing the comfort of an office, because it doesn’t matter what job you are in, no matter how hard you work and exert your effort it’s still wont be accredited unto you. Your worth and values will be disregarded and wont be prized. No rebates and no promotions will be given as reward. So then no one will strive harder, for everyone will just get the same share, right? which is very unfair and unjust. If this system will be implemented, definitely the world would suffer a great loss.

Equal money system have been adapted from the communist mind, whereas all the people live equally, all their status quo are equally same to one another as their money and assets were monitor and declared, people have been dictated with what to do like a programmed robots and only those who are implementing it will be more likely benefited. We cannot proposed and expect that there should be an equality in everything. It is undeniably true that there  are always differences among us in many ways accept the hard facts. We are all born as unique individual, even twins are not completely the same, we must open our eyes and not limit ourselves from these differences. It’s obviously that there is big and small, black and white, young or old, weak and strong in each and every one of us. Just take a closer look at your fingers, they are part of your hand which is connected to your limbs comprising your body system as a whole, but it’s still formed differently in sizes and shapes and whoever supporting this system got a fish brain. This equal money system pertains to ignorance and stupidity. Only meant to inflict more damage and paralyzed our growth. There are a lot of things to consider in this world, fight our equal rights, that one is much better instead of sinking into this dipshit and collapsed our system.


Al mal tiempo, buena cara 🙂