God Exist, God Existence is Unfeigned Part 1- Christianity vs Atheism

God is a supernatural being that created the universe and all of it’s magnitude creative details that is known to all mankind. As the years move forward people begun to doubt God existence, several groups were formed deluding minds of weak faith, diverting and altering the fact. These people speak in behalf of Satan, they come in soft-spoken manner, good-natured, filled with extraordinary wisdom and knowledge to amazingly deceives people to his demonic doctrine for the purpose of reigning the world and overruling God’s throne. I ain’t a partisan who’s blindfolded and would only see the good and deity and cover up nor ignore the flaws and blotches of humans. I ain’t gonna pretend that there’s nothing lies beneath closed door.

Christianity is religious institution based upon the teachings and miracles of Jesus, believing in God’s existence and spreading God’s words and living the life of Jesus Christ. But this could not be an excuse not to commit mistakes and to come clean for human are flimsy, impetuous and faulty readily to plunge into sins, those flaws and blotches are human errors that  should not be accountable to God. We should not condemned God for the human failure like what they are hurling at the Christianity and it doesn’t prove that being a non-religious/non-secular like Atheism means you’re a total rightful man. There is always good and bad in each and every one of us. We aren’t equally good nor equally bad. There is a always lesser evil and greater good in us. Let put it this way, in case an Atheist committed sins, should we blame Richard Dawkins for that? Therefore we should not put all the blame to God.

God endowed us free will, he didn’t dictate, instruct nor behest us in our decision making nor get between in whatever path we take assuming that we are just like a programmed robots, but instead he gave us a full authority and all the right to choose between right and wrong. God is not abuser, because he didn’t coerce his power to control us. He doesn’t hold our mind in a box. He made human as a free thinker, allowing us to exercise it out of our own will without intervening no matter what consequence it may be. He is confident that we wont be astray letting our self been led into the dark road. So then every time man falls into sins it doesn’t mean that it’s God who failed. let’s not be unfair to charge him as being the master of all of these for we aren’t a puppet, we have our own mind set and we are free thinker, we think and act accordingly, God has nothing to do with it. We should be responsible for our actions. Atheist should stop finger-pointing and bringing God down just because of it’s people, they should be aware that even though Atheist commits mistakes too, there are criminals, offenders, immoral, demimonde, liars, oppressor, transgressor, and many others: These people could be Atheist too, only human like Christian too. They should stop stereotyping and discriminating Christians . “It doesn’t take a wise man to learn how to respect and it doesn’t take a genius to be ingrate.”