Asexual, Asexual definition

Several articles I’ve read about asexuality and heard a lot of stories about it. First of all let me define their meaning of asexual, it is refers to lack of sexual organs or inability to feel/ act sexually due to disability or other condition. The new proposed definition; is attractions to neither sex but the exact definition hasn’t been set yet. In the end of March 2006, this orientation became a sizzling issues in media and several people joined this orientation on-line forming bigger groups in our society. Although it’s slightly incomplete but I wanted to tackle here the  AVEN (Asexuality Visibility and education Network) definition and classification of asexuality as many experts used this reference. They implicitly indicates that asexual is “lack of sexual attraction to other people, that it’s not a choice but innate” They classify it in 4 levels, Type A, has a sex drive, a drive for all but sex, such as kissing and stroking but no romantic attraction, type B, has romantic attraction but no sex drive, Type C, has both, type D has neither. They don’t used this system anymore for it became too limiting.

I want to talk further about this system and why I found some errors in it. I want to make myself clear that I don’t want to confuse between sex drive and romantic attraction, for both is the results produced by the hormone that gives us a signal to repulse it. Type A, classification sounds more slutty, If you would read back closely the definition that it’s purely sex drive without romantic attraction, meaning the asexual can have hard sex and not making love. This is totally contradicting to his first definition that being asexual means lack of sexual attraction to other people. If  they have an impulse to you kiss or stoke someone does it still proves that they aren’t attracted to that particular person? of course not, you’re definitely attracted to that person and your hormone is working pretty well that’s why you manifested it by kissing. Let me site some more examples why AVEN is too disagreeing this time. Do you just grab to kiss and stroke any person in the street? If yes, then I might say your sexual orientation is “Asexual” If you’ll base it to AVEN. But do you think this gives a good point to AVEN Type A definition of asexual? In my humble opinion when you kissed or stroked someone you already have an urge for it, your hormones is working here. So it lame to say that they aren’t feeling anything. It’s a beautiful lie isn’t? because if you haven’t felt anything why you express it through kissing and stroking without being forced?

Romantic attraction may or not display nor it may or not associated with emotion. In making love there’s a tendency that it involves a strong heart emotion while in contrast with having only hard sex, it’s just purely physical and attraction.

Kissing and stroking without attraction it’s very dangerous and very horrendous and shameless. People dealing with this cannot be trusted for they can be infidel anytime and become very indecent, because there’s a tendency for them to kissed and stroked someone even they aren’t attracted to it. They can be more worst that those sex offender, for they can be sexually incline to anyone even without attraction. The funny thing is, mostly sex offenders often got attracted first before jump on to their prey.

Methinks that asexuality is totally of having no interest in sex, like no kissing, no stroking not any of those that would lead to arousing the feeling and working on with your hormones that will  lead to any sexual act.
Hypothalamus is located in the limb system of the brain an area of the brain that control emotion and behavior, including sexual behavior. It’s secreting hormones that support the normal function of the pituitary glands. The fundamental task includes regulating body temperature, appetite, digestion, circulation and sleep. therefore our hypothalamus is responsible for all our feelings, like hot, cold, joy, anger/hate, love, fear, sexual and many more.

I firmly believe that asexuality is just a state of mind possibly not even true and people are just using this orientation to justify themselves from jumping from one relation to another for the reason that they aren’t fully satisfied and no one can give them full satisfaction or  just because they wanted to separate themselves from the rest and to be look special in some sort.
I’m not an asexual and I don’t have problem with my hormones, but I never been attracted to any man before. I never had a need to be touched or I have never kissed any man in my life. I heard a girl claiming to be asexual herself, I dun wanna mention her name cuz it will only ruin my day, for her love is equal to all. Well to make it short, she might had loved all her guys equally, this asexually claiming whore had done kissing and stroking random guys that she met before. It means that her hormone is functioning well.  To end this discussion, this asexually claiming whore is  normal and healthy and her hormone urges her to kissed and stroked those guys. She wont kissed and stroked those guys if she didn’t feel any attraction.That’s the logic there.
Psychologist Hansen de Almeida and Brajterman lernen states that “there is no such thing as asexual, which only omnipotent factory to have both sexes” Dr Joy Davidson a certified Sex Therapist was featured in 20/20 segment said “shutting down the possibility of being sexually engage” She expressed worry that ” asexual are labeling themselves sexually neutral and self fulfilling” Dr. Laura Berman said that ” Some are self diagnosing themselves from into gathered from the internet, it certainly possible that a large portion are not truly asexual”
This orientation should not be used to separate yourself to looked special in some ways, it’s lame to use this as an excuse to kissed, stroked and had sex with any one and still claim that you’re asexual. I wont claim this term but I have my high regards in morals and I have an inner values and I will not just kiss nor touch by any man or random guys without love emotion and feelings in it. Self-discipline and self preservation is what I’m keeping here, to stay pure and chaste and not to use kissing and stroking guys as for experimental testing and self fulfillment.