Kissing Disease, Kiss, Epstein- Barr Virus, Mononucleosis

Epstein- Barr Virus or Mononucleosis has been called the “kissing disease” for several generations, but can be a very severe and debilitating illness for most that do develop it. It’s can be spread by coming in contact with infected person, like kissing (saliva), sharing utensils, etc also through blood transfusion.


  • sore throat, fever, body malaise, dizziness, sleeping a lot, tenderness in abdomen, poor concentration and easily get tired in any physical activity.
  • Many people get infected without knowing it because it takes 4-6 years week after exposure.
  • It’s mostly seen in High School and college students but it’s not limited to them.

The physician diagnosed it by running of strep test depending on the symptoms before running of EVB test to see if they are infected.Treatment is usually symptomatic in nature, rest, plenty of fluids and Tylenol for discomfort, refrain from any physical activities to prevent the spleen for being ruptured as it’s very susceptible during the phase of the disease. There’s no vaccine or medication available for this condition. If your child has a symptoms please contact your physician for proper treatment.

always carry on your morals and values. Don’t just let your hormones overrule by instructing you to kiss just anyone, that is very disgusting and dangerous for you are the first line target of this kissing disease. Don’t just kiss anyone randomly without love in it, “as in A real lady doesn’t kiss and tell. I never done this shameful thing in my life.

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