Love Quotes, SMS, Text SMS

Perfect love is hard to find but
finding the arms that will hold you
in your weakest
and the heart that will love you
at your worst
is finding true love 🙂

Love can make you happy
but often times it hurts
Love is only special
when you give it to whom
it’s worth 😉

You’re the first thing I thought about
when I woke up and the last thing I
think about when I go to sleep, ensuring
I have a pleasant day and sweet dream 🙂

Love, why does it hurt? why does it ache?
Is it because we love too much and
we forget to keep a little for our self
sad but true…BUT WE KEEP ON LOVING 😉

Nobody teaches a fish to swim
a bird to fly… a tree to grow…
and nobody teaches me to love you

Love someone without expectations
accept him for what he is and
and take what he wants to give
without judgment 😉

Love may be blind, but seems to be
able to find its way in the darkness…
that’s why you brought me out there
I Love You 🙂

You’re the reason why I have sleepless nights,
you’re the reason why I tend to hold my pillow tight.
It’s you I’m thinking when I lay down at night,
and you’re the reason why I can’t sleep without
saying Good night 😉

If loving is wrong, I don’t wanna be right
if being right means living without you
I rather be wrong for the rest of my life 😉

There could never be someone who could take
the place I have saved for you in my heart
cuz even time would bring someone new,
my heart would refuse to let go of
the sweet love and friendship I have
with you 😉

It’s better to lose your pride to someone
you love, than to lose your love cuz of pride.
be a friend of thousand, but a lover of one
give your smile to everyone but give your
heart to only one 😉

True love hears what is not spoken and
understand what is not explained
for love doesn’t work in our mouth
but in our heart. 🙂

It’s hard to live alone
it’s hard to choose for someone
you love, but the hardest part of all
is to fall for someone who could never be yours

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