Squat toilet, Squatting best toilet posture

Do you know that doing toilet business can cause us harm unaware while sitting during defecating our body was subjected into illnesses like constipation, inflammatory bowel disorders, difficulty in delivering a child and even fatal like cancer. Although sitting position is the natural way that we have been observing since then after the primitive squatting position, but according to further studies it’s not the proper way because whenever we are seated the passage between rectum and anus was constricted making hard for the waste to flush away, giving a reason to induced constipation. The colon wasn’t fully empty and clean. Those residue accumulates building up into harden form that it a long run it might be the result of inflammation or the life threatening such as cancer. In further studies squatting is more advisable though it requires the strength of your leg muscle, it’s good for the passage between your anus and your rectum for it’s not bent giving you an easy and smooth way or removing waste. Most constipated had proven this is the best way in improving their problem in bowel movements also in treating their hemorrhoids because it healed quickly.