Virgins, Are all Virgins, pure?

Are All Virgins, pure? who does care right? nowadays only few women preserves their virginity, they basically see no importance anymore in keeping it for long and for them “nobody dies a virgin, life fuck us all it’s like they got nothing to lose, but rather they have more to gain with just a little bleed. As the average number of virgins continue to decline, being no virgin become socially accepted now. In our status quo virgin is out, if you’re virgin till your late twenties you’ll be seen as a middle ages woman who didn’t come from this time age or they might think that there’s something wrong with you. On other hand, women who wanted to be noticed and to be special nor wanted to separate themselves from the norms, would boastfully claim to be virgins, but how true is that? Is virginity is just a state of mind? or most of the time just a word of mouth and people keeps on killing the true essence of it everyday. Let’s digest the real meaning of being virgins, by defining first the term virgin, What is Virginity, we all know that it’s a state of being pure, unsullied, chaste and untouched. It is derived from the Latin virgo, which means “sexually inexperienced woman”. Are all Virgins, Pure?. How much we can consider a woman, virgin. Let’s not overlook the real meaning of it, it’s not just because the woman/girl hasn’t broke her hymen you’ll still consider her as virgin, it’s a misconception that would be misleading to the fact. This should not be our basis here, I totally disagree with this standard, this is disgusting and it’s a fraud, for me virgin means pure, untouched, so if the girl had kissed a guy it simply states then that she ain’t virgin anymore it doesn’t matter what kind of kissing it is, as long as there’s kissing, she has been touched already.Virgin is also a sexually inexperienced woman meaning she doesn’t have any experience in sex, if she performed oral and anal, don’t tell me she will still fall to virgin class just because she hadn’t bleed yet for she used another form of penetration? What a blatant lie? What an insult? it’s so shameful and humiliating for the “real virgins” like me this beliefs is such a thrash if we will stick to this one. Do you want to stay fool all the time? Hey wake up, don’t let someone screw you up by this phrase ” I’m virgin “. Just remember that whore was a virgin once too” Hehe. Next time when you hear about this cliché just get her fact straight, How virgin are you? mostly this type of woman just wanted to get some attention, she is using this term “virgin” to put herself in a higher level, so that she would stand out from the rest, or she just wanted to be talked about,  that’s why she is claiming her lie as a fact, but I cannot alter the true meaning of being a real virgin, for me virgin means totally being pure, well if the world would be creepy ignorant enough to welcome those who had kissed, had done oral or anal sex under virgin category, If this will be the case then I can’t tolerate to seen as one with this junk and bs, this is very hurting and degrading to my morals. It’s senseless and pointless to discuss this matter because no one cares anymore. But no matter what I cannot just shut up and close my eyes and agree to their wrong perception. Right now, I’m no longer proud to be a virgin because this term went out to be cheesy and it doesn’t suit me, I cannot put down my moral of being 100 % pure, therefore I would just let that damn term to be use and abuse by those liars that love to mislead and deceived others, I don’t want to belong to their silly crap. For today, real virgin is fading out and being virgin is a just a lie now a days, sooner or later it will totally die out… With my head held up high, I rather not seen as Virgin, with flaws and blotches, because I’m more than a Virgin, I’m pure!


~Al mal tiempo, buena cara 🙂