God Exist, God Existence is Unfeigned Part 3

The God is Delusion is the book authored by British biologist Richard Dawkins, this book contain malicious attack to God and other religion. It states about the “personal god” qualifies as a delusion which he defines as persistent false beliefs held in the face of strong contradictory evidence. He was even sympathetic to Robert Pirsig’s observation in Lila that when one person suffers from a delusion it is called insanity and when many people suffer from delusion it is called religion. He huffed God and other religions. It’s conspicuous that we have scientist, inventors, researcher, philosopher and many more great people who have personal beliefs in God and not to leave behind those “believers” who had a vast contribution in this world. Don’t tell me those contributors are insane people? Dawkin’s made a pointed criticism, he malevolently dragging down believer to support Atheism empty claims. Claiming that there ain’t no highest power over us, that God didn’t exist. In fact we can even consider those people/”believers”  had more contributions than him and those people/ “believers” live their lives more productive than arguing compare to what Dawkins’ doing.
Dawkins quotes Douglas Adams Last Chance to See”Isn’t enough to see that the garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too. “ Therefore Dawkins believes only to what his mind can perceive and to what his body can ascertain above that,  he won’t be able to grasp it for his mind is stuck in one point. It’s like he is contented to stick to his so called fact, without welcoming other phenomenon. And only what his eyes can see it’s the only truth he would trust. He cannot see more further that his nose, and whenever it’s ain’t tangible and cognizant he would define it as a delusional and insanity. This simply proves that what he knew and views are limited. He is limiting the facts for he often seek and concentrate for evidence that is based only to what science can explain. His beliefs center only to specific piece of information. His mind-set is like in one box. His attack is technically pernicious rumors, with empty claims to his truth. How he will be able to see what lies beyond “his so-called truth” when he is closed minded?