Pitbull “bloody sports” brutal dog fighting

Think of how many innocent lives of poor dogs were thrown into waste, brutally fighting for their life keeping the line, pay dirt in the death match-up for those hungry bastards.These poor dogs live a miserable life, died in worthless hands of those heartless criminals, abuser/user master. Heart rending, cruel and inhuman act isn’t it? This bloody sports is illegal but still many of us engage in this underground activity. Sacrificing the life of those poor dogs for money sake, fame and prestige, saddest reality but that’s the bottom-line of this!… a poor dog raise, feed right, kept, and trained just to used as gambling tool, betting the life of poor innocent dogs. After the glory days of these miserable dog ended and their body become feeble, showing poor performances and futile already in the field of dog fighting their master will dispose them just like an old clothes.

We all know that Pitbull is strong, intelligent smart dog and not to disregards their popularity. They are the only dog that appeared three times on the cover of the Life Magazine.

Let’s looked back closely at the brief history of this Pitbull dog fighting; bloody sports was started in the Elizabethan England PitBull, wherein the bull dogs and the Terriers used and fought with their own kind. The cruelty were ended when this bloody sports was abolished in 1835.This mark the beginning when Celts breed and trained these dogs for other purposes, like farming and battle.The dogs were noticed for their usefulness in many ways and became a big help for the people.

In 1900’s in the city of Boston, Pitbull were used as fighting dogs as for , Since then this horrendous act still disseminate in the society pass on from generation to the next generation and hand down from one criminal mind to another. If no one will support, protect and tolerate this cruel brutal inhuman act, this Pitbull dog fighting will soon die down. Let’s join the crusade against animal cruelty and against Pitbull dog fighting. Speak out and report any animal cruelty and other related violence. Let’s give justice to these poor dogs that were just held captives for their personal gain.

Warning video contains violence and delicate content.