Real Friends, Who Your Real Friends Are?


Oh one day, I just thought that everything is still the same, and some good things might last, but then I figure it out a little bit late. That nothing last forever and no one stay the same. I was a fool to believe that it’s quite like the old times, I was really really wrong…
Who your real friends are? Are they rare and hard to find? May people may come and go. They may walk out in and out of your life, one way or the other. You can’t never tell who will stick around with you and stay forever. Jeah they are hard to find especially in the time you’ve thought that you already got one.

a Real Friend never leaves you in times of trouble, in your most distressing time, but instead they gave you support, make you feel their presence that you’re not a single-handle, and you’re ain’t alone.

a Real Friend understands your heart, not deaf and numb, they are the first one who sympathize with you, stay with you while other is judging and criticizing you.

a Real Friend is someone you can cry on, like a breather, you can freely run to him/ her ready to give you a shoulder, someone who will dry your tears away and said don’t cry sweetie, hugs”

a Real Friend is someone you can entrust your deepest secret without hesitation. someone you’re comfy with that will never spill you nor talk behind you, someone who will keep your secret till the very end.

a Real Friend will never put you down, accept you for you weakness and love you for your worst, someone you can calls up even at the most compromising hour, he/she will run to pick you up regardless of time and place. You can count on him/her anytime.

a Real Friend shares with your joy, rejoice with your triumph, proud of your fulfillment and boast with your achievements.

a Real Friend laughs with you, cries with you, dreams with you,  will accept you for who you are, didn’t expect anything from you, always fill your shortcomings, will always pick you whenever you fall. Someone you can barely come as you are without faking.

a Real Friend always there to listen, lend his/her ear to all your stories, will never doubt you and never grow tired of you. no matter how  boring you may be, he/she never get sick of you.

a Real Friend is someone who believes in you, someone who won’t asked you to change, someone who will stay even when the whole world walks out of you…


~Al mal tiempo, buena cara 🙂