OMG Atheist

Oh wow, looked at those Atheist, how ludicrous they are. Why does Atheist keeps on or often saying “omg”( Oh My God) “omfg” ( Oh My Fucking God)? When they already traverse God’s existence. What are they trying to proved here? In this statement they definitely confirming that “God exist” by proclaiming “oh my God” the word “my” is a term showing ownership, it’s possessive pronominal adjective. That means they “have” their so-called “personal God” too. If we will go through by their preaching and their prevailing “Dawkinians virus ( the so-called truth)”, that there is no God, so then why Atheist love to utter a self-contradictory expression? This spawn them lie to themselves so many times. How hilarious to say “omg” when you don’t even consider God in your life. Why not re-phrase it to something appropriate for their beliefs like instead of swearing “omg” why not curse and swear it from the top of their lungs “omrd”( Oh My Richard Dawkins) or “omfrd” ( Oh My Fucking Richard Dawkins) I guess this sounds better and more realistic. And this an absolute fact not debatable one, unlike using God in possessive manner, can’t help it, it’s really hurting my ear and my eyes seeing those bs saying “omg” since when they acknowledge God in their life? They are really crazaay!

Another Knee-slapper here done by Atheist, mostly half of them speaks about Satan and even admit Satan in their life, some worship this red devil man. Did Satan show incredible facts that made Satan so irresistible for Atheist not to believe him. Did Satan show off supporting evidences? Where’s the occurring facts about Satan? Ah jeah I know this red devil man probably resides in their heart, isn’t it? If they cannot admit the facts about God existence that has been written 2,000 years ago in the “book of Truththe Bible, I don’t get the logic why they keep on denying God existence while some Atheist assent Satan in their life? How many scatterbrain Atheist would use the word “god” in vain? I’m not assuming all of them, but I’m sure a many Atheist are doing this funny things elsewhere, how silly!