Equal Money For All is a Crap!

Equal Money System for all is a crap, it’s  not the answer to all the sufferings in this world. This ain’t the solution to feed those hungry mouths, uplift the standard of those impoverished countries nor give a decent living to the less fortunate. Like what this cult/sect is claiming that equal money system can feed the hunger, jeah surely they can by abusing and stealing money from the hands of another. This cult/sect prolly doesn’t have an adequate knowledge regarding structure of our economy. They want to monopolize the world by making their fanatics believe about the “only good” results it can benefited them but in other way around they are ignorant of the tremendous bad effects it can contribute to this world. This equal money system is unfair system it will just support all the injustices, abusers, sit on one’s butt, hang- loose and all the despicable in this world. Those people who promulgating the equal money system are not in good mental health, how do they come up with this crap? Imagine, this absurdity really makes me wanna die laughing here? Aren’t they aware of the consequences that will occur when this trash/junkies has been implemented? This sect/cult is spreading out through the use of net, they are using the social network like Facebook, Youtube, Ning and many more to manipulate and mislead more people. Their aim is to delude more fanatics, those people who easily buy craps, those who are dumb so to speak. They are using this fanatics for their self-gain interest and to access their evil purposes. I don’t want to name names, but I’m pretty sure they know themselves. People just beware of their tactics don’t fall into their deadly pit.

This cult/sect is reversing the facts, finding fault and continuously blaming the current system without seeing them done something for the people. They are more into words, keeps on blabbering without any actions accompany into it. I want to open the mind of their fanatics and other people about the disadvantages of equal money system and why this system is a crap. Let me digest this one and discuss it briefly. Do they think it’s fair to implement equal money system to all, like for instance I’m a capitalist, investors or people who run my own business, a business that I have acquire because of my hard work, wasn’t fair for me get equal money like of those regular workers or I will be getting same pay with those people I just hired to work for me? Where’s the logic in it? Do they think it’s fair for those senior workers to get the same compensation or benefits with those novice? It is fair enough if those sit on one’s butt to be rewarded as the company rewarded those hardworking bodies? Is it right for those bums to get equal share from those who work for their hard earn money? Do you think it’s fair for Bill Gates to have same earning with the noob instigator of this lame equal money system? Does it mean that no hard works will be rewarded, no promotions, no rebates, no progression? The highly competitive and highly skilled workers will get same rate with those who are only beginners and average workers? or those who didn’t work and be in the fat city should be treated the same way too? Is this what they call a solution? or it will just thrown this world into dimmed and total condem-nation? These people don’t know what they are talking about, they are soo funny they think that all people got a fish brain like them, but they are totally wrong. Next time think of a better solution for a problem, for problem cannot be solve by this lame abuser system, get it?!


Al mal tiempo, buena cara 🙂