Sexual Addiction

Sexual Addiction is resulted from mania of hypersexuality when it went too farther. According to Jennifer P Schneider, MD, phD states that “addiction to sexual activities can be as destructive as addiction to chemical substance Patrick Carnes, phD define sexual addiction as a condition has estimated that about 8% of men and 3% or women from US population are sexually addicted. This contributed about 15 Million of people in USA alone.

Sex is intricate and very important part of life. It can be anywhere and may varies from one individuals, culture or tradition. Addiction falls whenever sex becomes inappropriate, shameful, secret and abusive, loss of control and succumb to compulsive sexual behavior. Spend exceeding amount of time to sex-related activity to the point of neglecting other important matters.

Society for the health Advancement of Sexual health, further illustrate the addiction by outlining several key components such as;
1. Compulsivity– loss of ability to choose freely whether to stop or continue.
2. Continuation of behavior despite adverse consequences, such as loss of health, career, relationship as marriage or freedom.
3. Obsession of the activity.

Specific Behavior of Sexual Addiction:
1. Compulsive masturbation.
2. Anonymous sex with multiple partner.( one-night stand).
3. Compulsive sex with prostitutes.
4. Multiple affairs outside a committed relation.
5. Frequent patronizing of sexual- oriented establishments.
6. Habitual exhibitionism.
7. Habitual voyeurism.
8. Inappropriate sexual touching.
9 Sexual abuse of children.
10. Rape.
11. fantasy sex.
12. Pedophilia.
13. Masochism.
14. Fetishes.
15. Sex with animals.
16. Cross-dressing.

  • any of these behavior doesn’t constitute an addiction, although it’s  unusual and illegal behavior. It should with the combination of these behavior also with the compulsivity are the comprises of Sexual Addiction.