How To Set Invisible Status in Facebook

Most of the time it’s inevitable to have unwanted contacts in our Facebook list that often troubling us to set our status online, sometimes we are having overloading problems whenever all our friends are online at the same time. That it’s why we just stick in to the usual way of going offline status on Facebook, but once your offline you don’t have any other option but just to send mails right? I want to share to you the easy way in setting your status Invisible to your other contacts while you are online “only” to your chosen contact friends on your list.

Steps in Setting Your Status Invisible in Facebook

1. First, go to the word “account” in the top right most corner of your page.
2. Then click the word “all connection” on the left corner of page. All your friends name will pop in the middle of the screen then,
3. Click the create the new list”, enter the name of the group you want to address your buddies by typing it one the space on provided on top, example are like “Blog contact“, “Close buddies”  family member“, “other friends” select the name of your friend by highlighting your friend’s name, the check mark will appear. Once you are done in choosing who your friends that will fall on to the said group, you can click the word “create list”
4. Now you can add as many group as you like by doing the step 3. As soon as you already groups all your friend accordingly, you are now ready to set your status.
5. Go to you chat box and click the word “friends list” on the right corner of your chat box , the list of the group that you  made will be display like “blog contacts”, ” college Buddies”, family member”other friends” click the group one by one to make them appear in the innermost of your chat box until the name of your friends will be replace by the group list, you can set it online or offline by hitting the button, you can adjust it, when it’s green you’re online and when it’s black you’re offline.
Now finally you’re ready to chat with your online friends in the group that you wish to come online.

  • This is truly working, but then again it’s much better if the Facebook will come up with Invisible setting in the chat box, and hopefully they will include more features. As for now this could help. Happy Chatting! 😉