Facebook Addiction Disorder (FAD), signs and symptoms

We are in the digital Age right now, internet converge with everyone’s life. The effect of internet varies from diferent person, some are conducive and some are destructive like the Internet Addiction which is ostensively a real problem, it’s due to a certain person that has been exposed to internet having a uncontrollable feeling of  just can’t get enough. They are already having this psycho-physiological disorder that involved once person’s tolerance, withdrawal symptoms, affective disturbances and interruption of social relationship commonly define as Internet Addiction Disorder or Facebook Addiction Disorder.

How Would You Determine If It’s  Already An Addiction Disorder?

  • You must possess at least 2-3 of these following criteria, and you must be undergoing this for the period of 8 months.

Criteria Goes As Follows:

1. Tolerance– You have the need of increasing amount of time using Facebook, it means you craving for more satisfaction. Signing to Facebook three times is already over and when it’s five times more you’re already helpless.
2. Reduction or cessation– This gives them distress, they become dispirited, their social function were affected.This include the anxiety and obsession of thinking what is written on your Facebook wall, comments and many others related into it.
3. The social and other reaction activities were diverted into Facebook. Instead of sending e-mail you rather post message on your friend’s wall to the point people you have interactions with, you only reach you by means of Facebook.
4. This is very serious once you kissed your girlfriend page in Facebook.
5. Your Bookmark took you about 20 minutes when you’re scrolling it down, another thing you may have at least 8-10 random people in your friends list.
6. When you encounter new people you would asked if they have Facebook account, then you’ll continue add me there” or you might say “see you in Facebook”, It’s like whenever you received notification, messages, gifts or friend invites you’re seemed high, the overwhelmed feeling that take them on the top of the world.

  • Psychologist Dr. Michael Fenichel ( the one who published numerous writing about FAD online) describe FAD as it’s a situation which Facebook usage “overtakes daily activities like your normal function, eating, working, waking up, sleeping and many more”.

Dr.Joanna Lipari a clinical psychologist at University of California, Los Angeles made another Signs for the Facebook Addiction Disorder and here as follow:
1. Lose of sleep due of Facebook, you’re logged in the whole night that affects your daily function and routine the next day.
2. You spend more than one hour, average time for any site.
3. Become obsessed with your exes and reconnect them on Facebook.
4. You ignore working in exchange of Facebook.
5. A day without Facebook give you stress and feeling of anxiety.

  • According to some report by Elizabeth Cohen, Senior CNN Medical Correspondence, Facebook Addiction Disorder is not yet or actual Medical Diagnosis
  • Moderation and integration are key to treat FAD as a behavior addiction.