Sex Education Program at School, disadvantages

(April 7) — A Wisconsin district attorney is urging schools to drop their sex-education programs, warning that the teachers involved could be arrested if they follow a new state law requiring them to instruct students on how to use condoms and other contraceptives.

  • US got the highest rate of teen pregnancy in developed world, about twice as much as England, Wales and Canada and eight times of Netherlands and Japan.

Sex education program is consist of two, one is called Comprehension Sexuality Education which is start from kinder and continues until H.S. It brings up age appropriate sexuality topics and covers the broad spectrum of sex education, including safe sex, STDs, contraceptives, masturbation, body image, and more.  another one is Abstinence-Only-Until-Marriage Programs emphasize abstinence from all sexual behaviors and do not cover information on contraceptives, STDs, masturbation, etc. Nine out of 10 teachers believe that this program should be taught but one in four is prohibited to do so whereas 82 % of adults support Comprehensive Sex Ed that teaches students about both abstinence and other method of preventing pregnancy and STIs ( Sexually Transmitted Infections) and only one-third of adult support the abstinence-only Education while half oppose this one. Majority of teachers believes that the end of 12th grade topics like birth control method, proper usage of condom, sexual orientation, factual ethnical information about abortion.

I Agree with the dropping of Sex Ed programs, school is not the right venue for that. For teens and young adult are in the transitional stage or the experimental years wherein they are curious about many things and they are very impulsive to try something new, they always seek their selves from other, teaching them how to use contraceptives is a big no no, Once they learn about birth control and safe sex. The chances for having unplanned teen pregnancies is possible for they are not yet matured to handle such stuff. There’s a tendency that they might have multiple partners. Students may still also suffer from embarrassment or get excitable by the topic matter. Student curiosity will be set high and their urge to try it will be greater. This will cause them to engage in early sex. Sexual Education can go against an individual’s moral or religious beliefs. Many schools do not teach “abstinence only” but teach how to have intercourse safely, whereas many religious and family values stress marriage before intercourse. Sex Ed program is not the answer to any sex related problems of young teens and minors that have been undergoing at the moment. Instead of teaching them Sex ed program, school should concentrate more in moral values, that sex is responsibility, that once done, you must ready to face the consequences and any challenges in life. That sex is sacred it’s not just for fun and pleasure but, it should  “only” be done by couples for procreation. School Should focus more on safety of students instead, like recognizing all signs of abuse, staying away from possible sex offenders, reporting anything that suspicious. They should educate them how to protect themselves from any form of abuse. Parents should take in charge in discussing this delicate matter to their children at the right time and at the right place. Parents should be the responsible in this one, they should not leave their responsibilities to the school, media and friends to educate their kids, it should be them guiding their children properly.