Cult Warning for Parents

Teenagers are the most vulnerable to cult recruiter for it’s the transitional stage wherein they are into seeking themselves and in experimenting. They try to find life mystery and wanted to belong in a group while hate being pushed away by their friends. They are looking for acceptance which most of the time cult recruiter is offering them. Once teens confidence been shaken up by crisis and find themselves in vague or confusion and been uncertain for their beliefs and values cults are using these weaknesses of teens to pick them up for their self gain interest. Cult recruiters knows that teens are seeking into life direction, whereas they are willing to find a way for those teens by means of joining them in their cult.

Parents should be aware of serious involvement of child in cult for teenagers seek to define themselves through the way they dress, jargon, experience, hairstyle, music and even peers were they are usually associated. These teenagers attempt to discover themselves socially.They hammer out their group through the images of pop culture, which become the paradigm of their external links. Cult leaders got a characteristic of being sexist to neutral, totalitarian. Their leader has a power to manipulate people. Cult target young member even though they are not yet financial stable for the purpose of expanding their network, because teenagers are fragile and they can easily drag along with them their peers. Another thing is, once these young member settle down they can bring their children to the cult as a new member. Woman who would had an affair with the cult leader would have power and will be given special treatment by other members, this is one of the reason why teenager (female) would permit herself from a sexual relation with the leader. Some were even sexually abuse unknowingly for they are submissive to what their cult  leader told them to do in order to follow their living leader authoritarian. Cult is very destructive to teens, it destroy child as a whole and its family. This group covert their mission to accumulate power, worth and money. Cult is very exploitative and very manipulative, which dictates harsh physical discipline to the teens. They cage teens mind program according to the cult ideology. Parents must be vigilant in looking after their child.They must monitor their child know about what group their child is belong in order to save their child from mass recruiting destructive cult.