What is JaguaTattoo? is a form of tattoo like Henna, it’s one of tattoo’s ideas look like as a permanent tattoo. The gel is made from a Jagua fruit called Genipa Americana which comes all the way from the South American Rainforest, part of Brazil and Porto Rico and it’s all natural. The indigenous tribes there have used the natural dye to decorate their bodies for centuries. It’s easy to use tattoo gel and it last for 10-15 days. Jagua Tattoos are not created with so-called ‘Black Henna‘. Black Henna Tattoos contain a chemical called paraPhenylendiamine which is dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. While on the other side the some so-called Henna Tattoos, this is manufactured from the henna plant (Lawsonia Inermis L) and they create rich brown coloured henna tattoos.

  • Jagua tattoo includes Jagua tattoo gel, Jagua tattoo paint, it’s 100% natural botanical staining power in these Jagua tattoo, Jagua Tattoo powder products come from renewable sources of the Jagua fruit (Genipa Americana L) within the rainforest of South America. Just like Henna tattoos, the final blue/black colour of a Jagua tattoo varies from person to person and according to body location.

Everyone these days have ever tried tattooing, that was used to be the benchmark of sailors, outlaws, and biker gangs is now a popular body decoration for many people especially those who got a liberated minds and act liberally, bold and wild. They want to express themselves through the tattoo they are wearing. They mostly wanted to personalize their symbol and design. But Imfsao I don’t like seeing girls with tattoo, even though it’s Jagua or Henna or the traditional one. I find them as an easy girls and mean. If I’m a mother I cannot entrust my daughter to a tattooed nanny or if  I’m a guy I wouldn’t like to take a tattooed girl whether it’s just jagua as my wife, prolly Just a fling hehe but nothing serious with her I guess, I know not all of you would agree but that’s how I see them. For me your skin is made clean and pure,we should let it that way. Another thing is, we aren’t innate with tattoos on our body. So why have it especially for a girl. They say it’s easy to know how the person are by simply looking on the way she carry herself. it’s  like the way you dress is the reflection of your personality. The funny thing about the Jagua tattoo is, when someone asked somebody is that a tattoo? the fool would reply “no it’s not, It’s Jagua” lol. Jagua is also a form of tattoo,  without a penetrating the needle and injecting the ink to the skin, but it’s  still a form of tattoo expression, so next time don’t  display your stupidity, it makes no sense. ermm you know who you are!


~Al mal tiempo, buena cara 🙂