Wife Rape is a crime

It’s when the husband forcefully perform a sexual act, causing his wife to submit to him out of fear and coercion. According to the Law,  Sexual Act is not limited to penile and vagina intercourse only but it encompass insertion of genitalia into mouth or anus or an object to vagina or anus. In Finkelhor &Yllo, 1985, Russell, 1990; 10 out of 14 percent of women have experience at least one percent sexual assault by their husband or their intimate partner. Wife rape can occur multiple times in contrast with other form of rape like rape from stranger or acquaintance. This could happen over the course of their relationship. One of the reason why abuse is happening it due to the man wrong connotation that his wife is his complete possession/ property that he has all the right to reinforce his power or control over  her. He is intentional stepping on the right of his wife as human. Thus, this man making his wife carry the guilt of not fulfilling her duty to him as a wife but instead she should be submissive to her husband and not to reject the violent sex with her husband though it’s against her will. And most of the time this form of rape is unnoticeable for it happening within the relation. The woman who undergone wife rape suffer a lifelong effects both in physical and psychological injuries as equally severe or more grave than those who been the victim by non-wife rape.

Wife rape is consider a crime in 50 states in America, however there is state that drop this case considering of giving husband-rapist a lighter penalty. What keeping the woman steady and not suing her husband though she is suffering it’s because of the word “love and care”,  the values of being loyal is one factor, Financial resources, another is for her children sake that moving her children along with her would affect the studies, also the fear that the offender might done the same thing to her children.

  • Wife rape is a crime and man should stop preying for his wife using her as an easy accessible victim and notwithstanding that she is your wife, you might have the full possession of her but then she is human like you and she can feel love and get hurt like you too. She ain’t a tool to perform your domestic abuse. Remember those promises that you gave her, that you would love and care for her. Don’t make her live in fear and miserable life. She is your wife and you should be the first one to defend her in all cause. Please stop violating the rights and abusing your wife. Respect her as a human.
  • For those wife or girl friend who is experiencing sex against your will, you’re not allowed to live with fear, intimidation and unhealthy relation, don’t be afraid to seek for help. Everyone of us deserves an equal rights and deserved to live in happy safer place.