E-Waste, danger to our health and environment

E-waste? waste materials generated from using or discarding electronics devices such as computers, TV, mobile, Cd’s, Dvd’s they are highly toxic to human, plants and animals and can contaminate air, water, environment as a whole.

  • Video equipment, metal hydride, lead acid, copper surplus, obsolete or broken electrical device, some electrical scrap such as CRTs contain contaminants components like of lead, cadmium, beryllium,mercury and brominated flame retardants

Activist and environmental groups claim that even in developed countries recycling and disposal of E-waste may invoke significant risk to workers, community and environment. Avoid unsafe exposure in recycling operation and leaching of materials such as heavy metals from landfills and incinerator ashes materials should be manage with caution but that environment dangers of unused electronics has been accumulating more and tons of E-waste have been disposed each year. Proper disposing and discarding must be observed.

  • Sold, donate, discarded some of E surplus are frequently contaminated (good recyclable, non recyclable) E- waste is applied to all electronic surplus including the “hazardous household waste” such as CRT monitor.
  • Carcinogenic substance in electronic waste may include Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), capacitor, transformer, wire insulator with components covered with Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) manufactured before 1977 this often contain hazardous amounts of PCBs

The manufacturer of computers, mobile and other electronics supplies must think of a better solution and do something about it, they must consider the effects of these products to health and environment during the course of disposal. They must manufacture a nature-friendly products which is not dangerous and causing harm to the community. They must think of how to eliminate it that in end it would not end up as an E-waste that is continuously accumulating which very hazardous in our health and environment. Do you imagine how our planet would look like in the next 20 years to come? Our mother Earth will be completely helpless due to heap of deadly waste.