Traits of a Sex Offender

1. Doing special favor or stuff with kids during their free time.
2. Most seen in groups for kids as a volunteer though he doesn’t have kids to look after in that said group.
3. Act like a child, fitting themselves in kid’s world which is already very inappropriate and very questionable.
4. Who would like to spend time with your kids, like take your kids for outing, or join your kids to other activities, entertain them and act as “Mr./ Ms. nice” guy or girl to them.
5. Noticeable and suspicious contact with your kids, like casual touching, caressing, wrestling, tickling, combing hair, stroking your kid’s hair, wrapping arms around your child, allowing your child to sit on his lap.
6. Know pretty much about the kids fads, music, jargon/ lingo.
7. He always associates himself with the family affairs and other social functions, and set on guard to you kid.
8. You constant hear the name of that particular person in your child’s mouth.
9. Your child display unexplainable likeness to that said person.
10. Making business with kids/ teens and requires to hold your kids/ teens at his home. They also visit the offender home.
11. They are offering something for the kids in trade for sex, like creating a play, giving toys, and many other form.
12. They are preying on their victims by providing extra assistance and special attention/ treatment.
13. Alluring kids by giving gifts, promise of alcohol beverages, substance and pornography.
14. You can often seen them in playground and other places where children usually conjugate.

  • Educate your child about the common behavior of sexual predator. Sex offenders can be anywhere and they can come from any age, sex and race. They can be a stranger, a stalker nor you family member, friends or neighbor. They are determined to take advantage to their potential victims, those who are weak, loner, neglected and runaway by winning the child’s trust.