Hector Penate, Talk about his Affair with larry King’s wife Shawn

Hector Penate, came out to speak for his side of story, he talked about his affair with Larry King’s wife Shawn Southwick, he talked about how their illicit affair was, Hector revealed that he and Shawn had sex in Larry’s bed a lot, sometimes while watching King’s CNN talk show on television. He also says Southwick wanted his baby and was fertilizing her eggs as well as buying him a BMW and paying his rent. In fact he claims King co-signed the lease for his Studio. “She controlled him,” Penate stated in one magazine. “He just sat there and signed it.”

Hector Penate, 31 says he met Shawn, 50, and her family when he worked at a birthday party for the King’s son Cannon at Dodger Stadium.  King hired him to train both of his sons and coach their baseball team. Penate says that Shawn began flirting with him and their affair started about 2 1/2 weeks later after he was hired. “Larry was out of town and I showed up at the kids’ game … and then she got a little flirtatious with me, like I could feel her coming on to me,” says Penate. “I’m a man and I felt I had to do something.” Penate stated he fell in love with Shawn and their affair turns out to be more serious to him than just having sex for he wanted to marry her. “She’d tell me, ‘Hector, don’t worry, he’s going to die soon, so just stick around,” he claims. “Nobody wants to hear that.” according to Hector. He stated that “We were together pretty much when Larry was filming his show; that’s when we spent most of our time together,”. Hector adds,”It was tough because she wouldn’t want to meet outside the house.” Penate said that their relationship ended when he told Shawn’s mother about their affair.  He says Shawn hasn’t talked to him since that time.

This past week Larry King, 76, filed a divorce, with his wife Shawn filing moments after. It’s interesting to note that Shawn was accusing Larry of having an affair with his sister and her husband didn’t care because he was sleeping with her sister Shannon Engemann when she herself has an extramarital affair. The divorce activity is on hold. On Monday (April 19) King’s lawyer Dennis Wasser said “It was decided that there will be no divorce activity for two weeks as several issues need to be discussed and resolved “. It’s quite early to tell whether they will split up in good fate or reconciled after their dual filing of divorce. The final note is, those rumored affairs seemed to stay as rumors until now.