Rape among peers (acquaintance)

Parents most of the time doesn’t know what’s exactly going on to their teen’s world. This is the moment when a certain child begin to spread her wings, getting involvement externally and spending more time associating with their peers than home. A crucial time as well for mostly teens get fed up by their parent’s advice, hates strict schedule, parents reminders sounding like a gun shot to them and sadly parents caring for them were always been neglected. From this point of time parents sometimes misinterpret their child’s behavior for often times they aren’t ready for this kind of reaction. Teens begin to rebel against their parents and parents begun to see them as stubborn/ hardheaded. To avoid confrontation, a young teens usually open up their problems with their peers instead, making their parents left hanging and empty-handed and doesn’t have any clear idea of what they have been going through. When this gap between parents and a child arises, all possible major problems will be rooted from this. Like for instance the child begin to abuse substance, depending on alcohol, neglecting their studies, having multiple sex partner and the rape among peers and many others. The parents will begun to notice their child changement, that will alarm them to filter and screen their teen peers. Which is very disagreeable to their teen and hate their parents for being such a watch dog that is infiltrating their life. A certain child will not take anything from their parents nor listen. They don’t want to be dictated by their parents of where to go, what to do and whom to go with. To avoid more conflicts parents will begin to shut, cool down and loosen up and their child will begin to keep secrets from them. Once a certain teens experience this rape among peers that usually occurs among teen’s circle. She would rather choose to handle it alone and not to expound it because she is afraid to be put into blame. This could happen once or multiple times without the parents consent. This crime is kept by a certain child until she is matured enough to handle this to the point that she might be ready talk or neither choose to stay silent about it. How will you know if your child had been rape among peers.

A Certain Teens is Displaying these following:
1. Abrupt changes in her behavior.
2. She might fall in a certain group or belong in one cult, why? because she is seeking support from these people, because she is afraid to relate this thing to her parents. She is finding people who will pick her up, another thing is she wanted to rebuild her own persona, thinking that in a certain group or cult is a right venue for this stuff.
3. She might be surrounded with too many guys or vice versa, for she might indulge in too much sex which involve having multiple partner sex, casual sex, random hooking to guys, grabbing to kiss random guys, and many other undesirable sexual act.
4. She doesn’t believe in true/ real love, for her love is just physical, purely hormone and desire.
5. Her outlook is drastic that she begun not to believe in sticking in one partner, for her “why stick to one when you can do it to anyone”
6. She is trying to come clean, like she claiming to be still pure and virgin, why? because she wanted to cover up what she had gone through, for she is afraid to be at fault and be condemned.
7. She might marry at early age or might pretend to be asexual just to give herself an excuse of jumping from one relation to another.

How this rape among peers evidently occurs:
1. When your teen begin to drink alcohol with her peers, it’s undeniably fact that many things can happen accidentally or forcefully whenever someone is under the influence of alcohol or any substance. At first a teen might reject it  out of fear, but latter time, she might plunge and indulge into it, enjoy it and like it much.
2. When your child start sleeping over her peer’s place. There’s a greater tendency that your teen might encounter rape among peers.

  • Rape among peers can be avoided once a certain teen choose the right peers to go with. Avoid sticking around with too many guys for this would make you look like an easy game girl, because once a teen is exposed in guy’s world , those guys will find her as an easy target and a handy waste basket, whenever the chances are open, those guys would grab it right away. This is also the transitional stage wherein those young boys were into experimental too. Once a certain young boy become successful in this crime, it’s either he learn to repent or carry this evil attitude till he grows old. He might hold on to the traits of being sadist and the teen who experience rape among peers as masochist who has enjoy pleasure from receiving pain or fear. Stay away from groups session and avoid drinking and abusing substance. You must go only with trusted peers, just remember “birds of the same feather they flock and die together”. And once a certain teens experienced this rape among peers, don’t be afraid to run and confide it to your parents for parents knows best, and they will help fix yourself and help you get through with it accordingly.