Second Chance, when do we asked for it?

How many times do we need to utter earnestly with our finger crossed, knees bend while wholeheartedly hoping that heaven will listen and give an answer. Even shouting from the top of your lungs, dang gimme a second chance please… ______________________________________________________

When do we often times asked for second chance?

When the voice came to you like a roar of thunder…
Because your parent’s grounded you for the fault
that you committed.

When it hits you like a shot-gun into your head…
Because your boss has fired you.

When you’re cold as ice and shaking
Because the cop busted you and happy days are over.

When you’re breathless and paralyzed
Because your name wasn’t called when you’re in standing in-line.

When your whole world fall apart…
Because someone you love has walked away.

When regretting and reversing…
For you’re young, wild and impulsive and committed irrevocable  mistakes.

When your days are fading fast, like a bullet in the wind
and you wanted to relive it again.

When you’re shattered and you wanted to turn back
the hands of clock…
Because you encounter inevitable mishap

Music is turn table, That sun will shine again to welcome a new day,
for a new aspirant and new hoper and new wisher.
There’s no walking backward, we are all moving forward
no matter what road we take it will all lead us into one thing,
the beginning… and end.
Life is ain’t unkind, chances and opportunities are always open
Once you still have it on you hands, give all your effort to maximize it.
How many times do we need to fall from the right path and beg for the second chance? Remember in whatever you do, always bring out the best in you. Make every single count, take each moment as it would come by your way once. Have faith in whatever you do, to subdue without complain, with prayers on your pocket and to do it right all the time.


~Al mal tiempo, buena cara 🙂