Heidi Klum ditch the cosmetics for her Photo shoot

36 years old Supermodel Heidi Klum was recognized by the  People as one of the Most Beautiful People of 2010. Which it doesn’t make a big surprise for the crowd because people are really expecting her making the list. Surprisingly a model like Heidi that normally wears make up, but by this time she decided to ditch the cosmetics and go for a natural look.  Heidi Klum wears no make-up in People’s “Most Beautiful People” issue.  She comes up to a magazine for a photo shoot barefaced. Generally speaking, cosmetic plays a big role in bringing out the glamorous look of an artist. It’s used to enhance beauty and conceal flaws and blemishes. Almost all artist are concerned about their physical aspect, they would even gone extreme plastic surgery to restore their beauty. Notice the overly airbrushed photos, photo’s undergone complex editing are really prevailing these days. In the height of artificial look, several celebs and models are coming out with au naturel look. This is now becoming a new fashion fad that is emerging the fashion magazines. Recently Heidi Klum appeared in her barefaced look. A fresh vibrant look showcasing her natural beauty with mascara and lipstick off.  She courageously peel off her real skin,she is not afraid to show off her imperfections like her freckles, some of her few wrinkles, in spite of that she still looked absolutely stunning with her very simple and natural skin.

Other celebs that recently gone barefaced, to name few we have Jessica Simpson for the May cover of Marie Claire done it without make-up on, Britney Spears also wanted to show her advertiser her alter images the reason why she released her unretouched photos that correspond to her current Candie’s ads. French Elle’sStars Sans Fards” issue may have kicked off the “natural” trend last year, as it depicted eight European celebs without makeup.

Tabloid are giving way for this new fashion fads. The appearance of Heidi Klum without face off will encouraging more celebs and models to come up with their own natural look and less images editing or retouching. This will set a new standard of for beauty. Sooner or later the public will begin to appreciate the more realistic and natural look of a woman and not to seek for more flaws and blemishes.