Wife Sharing

Wife sharing is circulating within the marital relationship in some communities in Canada, USA, Japan and other parts of Europe. It can happen between a married couples who agreed to share or exchange their wife with each other for a couple of nights or two doing sexual pleasure and romance. It depicts how animalistic and filthy this act is. The prevalence of this wife sharing become habitual once both parties become well verse into this. They become seeking more gratification and satisfaction with another partner. Both parties find sexual pleasure with another partner thus for her it’s more stirring sizzling hot and not boring compare with her spouse basic move. While the wife applies the new bedmatics that she learn from another man to her spouse, for them its add more fire and spice up their sexual pleasure. At first the husband has need to convince his wife to agree with him, he will bring his wife to his married friend house and they will exchange partner. Some wife doesn’t know that their husband is engaging in this kind of filthy wife sharing practice, this will cause a wife submit due to fear and intimidation. Latter the said wife will cope up with this horrendous method . And it will no longer a threat for her. The more the couples expose with filthiness inhuman act, the more they will crave and indulge deeper and deeper without hesitant, demoralizing their values, leading to more serious problem like destroying their marital status, their bond and their commitment as a couples.

  • Remember whatGod has joined these two together, no man can break the union”. Wife sharing is encouraging infidelity, parting, It’s illicit, immoral and it should not be practice. This degrading once personality, loose conduct, sexual misbehavior that destabilize the emotion, hurting the love that binds two person. If anyone of you permit this cruel, indiscreet inhuman filthiness act to happened you’re no longer a victim for there’s a lot option for you to defend your stand and turn away. allowing this, you might be also sick in some sort. In my own personal perspective someone whose dealing with it could be sick in their brain. They must be undergoing sexual addiction. You must seek medical help and treatment for this act is not normal. Husband and wife you are bound by the law and bound by God. This is an absolute form of adultery. I cannot let my hubby to be borrowed from me just for a night, I cannot even tolerate seeing my hubby going bed with someone else, It’s unfaithfulness even just imagining here that my hubby would think of someone else for me it’s already betrayal. Even it would be immense in the more years to come, I still cannot share my hubby, Who else would, right?