The origin of French Fries, Hamburger, Ice cream and Cake

French Fries

back in 1680 the inhabitant of Namur, Andene & Dinant in Belgium, they used to fry little fishes before that they caught in Meuse River to improve their diet. However during winter the river and stream were frozen. That’s why they used potatoes instead. They cut and re-shape it into little fish and fry them. It is allegedly comes from either the Irish to french  meaning “to cut”, or from the American allies who landed in Belgian Andenne and tasted the Belgian Fried potatoes that make them call is as “french Fries” for it was cooked by French Speaker inhabitant.


The history has no proper documentation but many people had claimed that the hamburger patty was first noticed in medieval times, Tartars used to place a pieces of beef meat under their saddles until it turns tender enough to be eaten raw. In 19th century the disk called Hamburg style beef was brought to Hamburg ( Germany) from Russia in the 14th century and the German bring along with them the “patty” sandwiched in the bun when they migrant to America.

Ice Cream

Ice cream originated from China, wherein they were credited with inventing device to make sorbetes and ice cream salt pene over the exterior of containers filled with syrups for in the same way as salt raises the boiling point of water. It lower the freezing point to below zero. It was said Marco Polo observed the Chinese practice and brought it home to Italy. While her daughter-in-law Catherine de Medici, bought the fashion for sorbetes to France. It’s the first ice cream in the sense of iced and flavored confection made from full milk or cream are thought to have been made in Italy and then in France in the 17th century and have been diffused from the French court to other European countries. The First recorded English term ” ice cream” was in 1672 by the Ashmore.


The word is from the viking origin, from the old Norse “Kaka” that denotes a bake flour confection sweetened with sugar or honey. It is mixed with eggs and often but invariably with milk and fats. It also has a porous texture from the mixture rising during cooking. According to the food historian, the ancient Egyptian were the first culture to show evidence of advance baking skills. The word cake were being trace by the Oxford English Dictionary during 13th century. It is derived from the old Norse word “kaka”. The modern cakes ( round with icing) were first baked in Europe sometimes in the mid 17th century.