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Karen Anne Carpenter (March 2, 1950 – February 4, 1983) was an American singer and drummer. She and her brother, Richard, formed the 1970s duo The Carpenters. Her drumming skills were considerable, that was praised by fellow drummers Hal Blaine, Cubby O’Brien, Buddy Rich and Modern Drummer magazine. but it is for her vocal performances that she is best remembered.
She suffered from anorexia nervosa, a little known disease at the time, and died at the age of 32 from heart failure, later attributed to complications related to her illness.
On December 17, 1982, Karen made her last public appearance in the “multi-purpose” room of the Buckley School in Sherman Oaks, California singing for her godchildren and their classmates who attended the school. She sang Christmas carols for friends.
A few weeks before Karen died, Richard tried to get through to Karen that she was still sick, saying many years later “Karen had marvellous, big brown eyes. And there was just no life in them. ” Speaking of a meeting with his sister and Werner Wolfen, the Carpenters’ financial advisor, two weeks prior to her death, Richard said:
Karen was hot as hell at me for even questioning how she looked. And I told her ‘the only reason I’m bringing all of this up, and talking to people…is because I’m concerned and because I love you.’ And am I glad I said that because within weeks, that was that. She was dead.

Karen lived with her parents until she was 26 years old. After the Carpenters became successful in the early 1970s, she and her brother bought two apartment buildings in Downey. Called “Close To You” and “Only Just Begun,” both apartments can still be found at 8388 5th Street, Downey, California

Karen Carpenter’s Songs – one of many of my personal favourites.

Wont last the Day

We’ve Only Just Begun

Rainy Days And Mondays

A Song For You



~Al mal tiempo, buena cara 🙂