Unmasking sluts, traits and characteristic of a sluts

Hey guys have you wonder how does the another face of slut look like? ah no not all the time they come as a sex worker or wearing skimpy clothes or heavy make-ups. ermm well the truth is some of them appears normal like us, whoopsie  but if you’ll take a second look then you will finally get what I mean. Some sluts are real pretenders you know that. They’re trying to lure people with their soft-spoken angelic ways, mild manner trying to look decent, playing innocent and many more. They looked like a friendly devil hoarding guys by using their enticing tactics. oh no that’s their trademark in order to draw attentions from their target. She is definitely an everybody’s girl, a public property that’s one of obvious traits they have. I really hate sluts. I don’t  know if you would agree with me but of course those who belong to slut skin or mean girls they would totally disagree with me and would give me a down rate here. I don’t mind as long as I state my mind. Sorry sluts but your way too cheapie actually to be talked about here and your one step closer to those hopeless, desperate woman on the planet. oh my good heavens! I can’t tolerate seeing sluts it really boils me. I want to give you some tips in identifying those sluts… ooosh let’s unmask them. Hey be careful maybe she is hitting up on your boyfriend at the moment.  Beware

Tips in Identifying Sluts , their traits and Characteristics:

1. She is mostly surrounded with male associates.

  • She enjoy guys company lot, she rather be with guys because the attention will be center to her.

2. You can often find her in man’s world, like in gaming, band practice, gigs, groupies, pools etc.

  • She is using this an easy access to penetrate into guys world, from there she can start her line up of her collection ( her poor victims). Actually she just love to collect bunches of guys without selection.

3. She deliberately went to man’s crib without hesitating.

  • She is taking this opportunity to be with her target and this prove that she is ready for some action.

4. She had fun travel or do backpacking with mostly guys.

  • She wanted to spend more time with her target away from home so it would be more intimate.

5. Had Slept over at man’s place.

  • She is giving signal to the guy that she is a game girl and she is ready and willing to be bitten anytime.

6. She has record of short time relationship, some even lasted for only couple of weeks like 2 or lesser. lol

  • She can’t stand long-term commitment with any one, she wanted to stay single or in open relationship. This will  give her a reason to be with a lot of her target and her world will never be center to one.

7. She used to send friend invites to guys in any social network like Facebook, Myspace, Netlog and many more.

  • This definitely exhibiting physical attraction to guys and she is sexually incline to guys that’s why she is looking for more target to send friend request to fall as her victim later on.

8. Love to sell herself  by uploading her videos in leading sites like Youtube, Facebook and many more.

  • Why not upload something constructive and informative instead of her very corny and nonsense vids, like her vids in her garden, her doggy, her cheesy dance steps. She will upload it publicly because she wanted to draw attentions from guys. She wanted to be noticed and she really enjoy being watched particularly by guys. Once she get a negative comments she would delete it, but once the comments is good and saying some nice adjective about her she would keep the comment and flaunt it on her page. (If she ain’t slutty, why not just upload vids in private setting, visible only to your personal friends).

9. She got a lot of guys in her messenger and in her Friends list.

  • She loves sharing her life, her dreams, her stories to guys. she eventually went to webcam (wc) to random guys even if she was asked or not.

10. Doesn’t believe that true love exist.

  • For her love is purely hormone and desire. That what goes in her dirty mind. This to justify her action cause it’s always her hormone who’s working all the time that sending her impulse to grab random guys. Another thing is, she aims to jump from on relation to another so she is echoing this lame excuse.

11. She doesn’t believe in marriage.

  • She doesn’t wanna be tie down, for marriage will hinder her freedom of indulging and engaging into multiple partner.

12. She claims to be virgin.

  • This is the one of biggest lie she would say though, because she wanted to become out of norm and to looked special and to be talked about, and she is thinking that this would be a big challenge to guys, well  a great way for her to lure her targets, but the truth behind it she is an expert in bedmatics. She is skilled as a sex guru ouchie.

13. She pretend to be asexual or anti-sex.

  • But the truth is she got an outstanding record of kissing random guys without love emotion in it. So then she could draw many target that would hunt her down because of her sexual orientation. This could help her increase her  collection ( her poor victims).

14. She used to meddle in her friend’s love life, (especially to her male friends)

  • Like giving unsolicited advice, whenever her friend is having conflict with his girlfriend: example statement ( leave her.  Why do it to one when you can to do it to all)  She thought even her friends are her possession that’s why she wanted to ruin her friend’s current relation, so that she can have back what she illusion as hers.

15. When she got mailed, she rather response to guys first than mailing back the girls.

  • She hates to see beautiful girls and very promising one. She think of them as her rival and she wouldn’t contact or response to girls whom she think is much greater and prettier than her. Opposite feeling towards guys because there’s a tendency that she will be noticed and guys would get attracted to her.

If you got a girl on your mind and displaying at least 3 of this traits, she definitely fall to a Slut category. Beware maybe you’re in her hot list.



~Al mal tiempo, buena cara 🙂