What is Voyeurism

Voyeurs are popularly known as peeping toms. In clinical psychology, voyeurism is the sexual interest in or practice of habitual spying on people engaged in intimate behaviors, such as undressing, sexual activity, or other activity usually considered specifically private in nature.They are mostly males who have developed the habit of watching. It is also referred to as scopophilia, a sexual disorder that makes an individual sexually gratified or get his sexual arousal or pleasure by merely watching other person or peeping into someone else’s implicit or explicit sexual activities like unclothing, having sex or engaging in other kind of sexual activity especially at the naked body or genitals of another or at erotic acts between others while remaining unseen or unnoticed. He fantasizes and masturbates without seeking any sexual contact with his victim. As much as possible voyeurs wanted to keep his act secret for he got no intention of hurting his victims. But then again this act is illegal and it shouldn’t be tolerable.

Voyeurism normally involves unsuspecting people or those who are not aware that they are being watched. It is not strictly illegal for a person to observe other people during intimate moments and become sexually aroused in  his or her private residence viewing it in his open window, then no crime has been committed. Unless he would take some stolen and capture scene from what he view and distribute it. Otherwise a report of a voyeuristic neighbor peeping into a window would be considered a nuisance complaint for many States don’t have specific strict law for it, an offender would most likely be charged with other criminal violations, such as trespassing on private property, indecent exposure or invasion of privacy and would asked him to stop watching his or her neighbors, but could also ask the neighbor to be more discreet or pull down a window shade or blinds  for privacy if he evidently recorded what he saw then that’s the time victim can file illegal charges against him. The act of voyeurism is considered a crime in many states, notably a misdemeanor.

This behavior normally starts when the person reaches 15 and there’s a tendency a certain kid would carry this behavior for a lifetime if it’s not properly treated. Some theories linked to exhibitionist behaviors point to child trauma such as sexual abuse or significant childhood experiences as a probable cause. Experts emphasizing the big role played by parents in disciplining their kids. This behaviour possibly rooted from lack of proper guidance and instilling the right values. Parent’s also shouldn’t display anything that can trigger this behavior. There’s aint no direct drug for this but Voyeurism can be treated through behavioral therapy.