First Wedding Conducted by Robot in the history

In Tokyo the first ever integrated wedding in the history been conducted by robot were successfully held, last sunday which took place in Tokyo’s Hibiya Park in front of 50 guests, It’s a colorful robot that stands about four-foot tall and with a flashing anime-sized eyes called i-Fairy. Japan known as the land of robots, wherein robot use in many forms in different fields like entertainment, medicine, or interstellar warfare it’s also best in giving help in household chores like cooking, cleaning, it also aid in services like the robot is usually used in museum and exhibitions to direct visitors, but this time with the help of a flower headpiece, and a new programme, it’s officiate the two lovely couples wedding, Satoko Inoue and Tomohiro Shibata as man and wife. It’s always been the couple “natural choice” for they both met and fell in love in the course of their work in robotics, they want to take the honor for the i-Fairy made impact in their life, Inoue, the bride works for the company that makes the i-Fairy, and her husband, Shibata, is a client. That’s why they decided to get the help of it to bind their love in front of their beloved love ones, to all Japanese people and the Press who had witnessed their vow.
Japan is home to almost half the world’s 800,000 industrial robots and expects the industry to expand to $10 billion. They are one of the world’s fastest leading makers of robots, and expert said that robots can be the best aid for giving help care for the growing numbers of elders to fill in the deficit of young people as skilled or manual workers, like chefs, cleaners or caretakers.