Venus-Moon and Jupiter aligned form a “smiley face” Last May 16, 2010

Lucky for those seers and star-gazer were to witnessed such rare once in a blue moon phenomena, last Sunday May 16, 2010 in Manila, Philippines people were astound staring at this great rare celestial show on Sunday evening as the planet Venus had aligned with Jupiter to form the right and left eyes respectively, whilst the moon, on its first phase crescent shape, forming a “smiley face”.

I’m so blessed to have this exceptional image of Venus-Moon and Jupiter occultation being sent to me by my source who happened to be there to witnessed this said event, provided that he got a whole alotta privileged to capture the perfect view as the Venus and Jupiter formed on the left and right eyes of the Moon, displaying a lovely happy face. Not all people of this said country got a chance to seen the said occultation with their bare eyes for most of them have been caught off guard and they were only advice and update about this said event through the aid of Television, Internet and tabloids.

You can see  a vague image of the full Moon between the horns of the crescent, NASA said in its statements that; it’s an Earthshine, the light of our own planet reflected back towards us by the Moon’s dark terrain.

This rare phenomenon, was called a  planetary occultation, wherein the occurrence were seen last May 16 (Sunday) is said to be such an important one because this event “is only visible during night time and last only for a short period of time after sunset.”

This truly remarkable celestial show have been seen from May 15th-17th. People in India, North Africa, Middle East and South East Asia can notably spot Venus through directing Moon as a guide. This phenomenon is one of the only unique event that could happened in 2010 involving a major planet.

It was said also Venus is due to pass between the Earth and the Sun of on June 5, 2012.