Greyson Michael Chance:Perform Paparazzi On The Ellen Degeneres Show, pics and videos

Who is this newest singing sensation, with superb voice quality and charisma in playing piano, well he is  Greyson Micheal Chance an 12-year-old 6th grader boy, a pianist, singer and songwriter from Edmond, Oklahoma. He performed at Ellen Degeneres Show last May 13, 2010. People were astound with his power vocals and his confidence and charming performance level and singing skills when they watched his videos that he uploaded in Youtube. The viewing public even claimed him to be the next Justin Bieber. We cannot shun his exposure then, do you think he could be new challenger of Justin Bieber?

Michael Greyson Chance Photos


What can you think about his performance, do you think he can be the next Justin Bieber in the future?