Sex Health Benefits:known to boost immunity system, reduce stress and the risk of prostate cancer

Sex is a sexual urge convey by a certain person that usually manifested from a passion driven by physical attraction or a strong emotion. Majority of people engage into it, not let alone those who suffer from sexual addiction and unwanted sex. Sex can be access in no place and in no time. It’s just like having a bite of a cake. “Everybody loves sex”, ermm who else doesn’t, right?

I may sound obsolete but for me sex is sacred thing. It should only be done with whom you will share your whole life with. Coupling is a gift of fulfillment between couples. Sex is beneficial in numerous ways especially when it’s done with love. Numbers of research come out about the health benefits that we can from engaging into sex. I’m pretty sure many of couples out there aren’t aware of these benefits. Studies prove that it can prolong life, heighten our way of living, enhance our health both physical and psychological.It was said that having sex at least once or twice a week, a greater chance of having higher levels of an antibody called immunoglobulin A or IgA can be attained. This antibody can boost your immunity system that can protect you from having colds and other infections. It was also said that most stressful couples don’t have intercourse or penetration and just engaged into another form of sexual behaviors or they don’t have an active nor happy sex life. On other big health benefits, sex is known to lower blood pressure and overall stress reduction. Regular sex with a your partner can relieve stress more effectively. Whenever you are fulfilled and satisfied with your sex life, you will start to develop less negative feelings and you’ll gain more self- esteem. The researchers also found out that having sex twice or more a week reduced the risk of fatal heart attack by half for the men, compared with those who had sex less than once a month. Sex is a great form of exercise that when done at least 30 minutes you can already burn down 85 or more calories and if sex is prolonged then a possibility that more calories will be strip off. Sex helps to balance your cholesterol levels and your HDL levels. You don’t have to spend great deals of money in gyms or other equipment just to work out.

For women, it is ideal to minimize the risk of having incontinence when they grow old because once a woman is active in sex it can help strengthen the area of her pelvic floor and tighten the pelvic muscles known as “kegel”, while for man, ejaculating frequently can reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Sex is regards as a best “sleeping pills”. Once a person achieved orgasm, the hormone called “oxytocin” was released it can promotes good sleep, especially for a men they easily fell sleepy after cumming. Record shows people that has an active sex life are the one who’s mostly free from experiencing any sleep problems or insomnia. Oxytocin also known as “the love hormone” create partner bond and build trust. It is also responsible for reducing pain by acting as analgesic to our body that relieves headache, arthritis pain,  whiplash, and PMS symptoms once the oxytocin levels is higher .

This article doesn’t support teenies sex, sex out-of-wedlock, casual sex or sex with multiple partner. I strongly emphasize the danger if  it is done unfaithfully. A whole heap of consequences will awaits you, mistrust that may lend to failure in relationship and a greater chance to acquire those hazardous and even fatal sexually transmitted diseases. Having sex with your intimate partner like your wife or your committed relation without having illicit affairs is the goal of this article. It is the most safest and furthermore the bond can be strengthen as well. To sum it up sex should not just be an outlet for banking of purely sexual pleasure and desire, thus it  should be consider as the most beautiful way of expressing the “best art of love” that promotes loving intimacy, security, confidence and feeling of generosity towards your partner as well as acceptance. It also helps in building up once person well-being, the step towards a happy healthy way of life.