Face The Facts: Have you wonder why your left and right profile is not symmetrical?

The Facts That You Should know: That our right and left profile is not symmetrical try to look and examine closely and pay attentions to the details. It’s evidently shows that our very own face is asymmetrical. Hold a position with your face blank and take a picture of your left and right profile you would be stunned to see the difference. Our right profile implies more definition, the cheek is more prominent, and the eyes were more formed, the jaw is more outline, cause the other one is drawn higher than the other.

The Skeletal system of our body grows asymmetrically, if you would equally divide your body in the midsection. You’ll noticed that the heart is place on the left side while the largest glandular organ of the body, the liver is on the right side. The two organs were place in the opposite direction, this shows that the two section functions differ from one another. Female can also observed their breast doesn’t appears same in size when it’s not yet fully developed one breast is larger and full compare with the other. If the organ were not equally distributed therefore it substantiate that the skeleton grows unbalance too.

Take a look at your feet, one foot is larger compare with the other and like your fingers for instance they don’t exhibit every inch the same with your other fingers from the another hand. But those dissimilarities were  not barely seen to our naked eyes. Another more example is our human brain, it is divided into two hemisphere, it denotes the two different side of our brain that is in control the mode of our thinking. The left brain is responsible for logical while the right brain is for emotion.

Human is not man-made doll or robot that is manufactured in same sizes and shapes, however we’re human, born as a unique individual. No one looks exactly the same, even our own body is asymmetrical. This denotes that we aren’t created perfect, so then if your right and left profile didn’t faultlessly looked the same, nothing to worry for your case is normal.  We got to be grateful for we are human not a programmed robot and we are God’s masterpiece though there are  human errors and imperfections.