Make Everyday A Free-Hug Day

Have you heard about Hug Therapy or Free Hug? “hug therapy” is a term believed to be made popular by Kathleen Keating because of her book called Hug Therapy that she wrote in 1983. Hug Therapy Summary is the theory is that touch is not only nice. It’s needed! Scientific research supports the theory that stimulation by touch is absolutely necessary for our physical as well as our emotional well-being. Hugging propose to be as a very special therapeutic touch that contributes in a major way to healing and health.

The Facts That You Should You: Hugging is one good for of reaching out another person. It’s expresses positive actions between person hugging each other. Hugs definitely unleash numerous emotions that we often times have a failure to communicate verbally. It is also one of an easiest mean to express our affection, to remind them of our presence and to show them how much we care and love them. National Hug Day was first celebrated Jan. 21, 1986. It was created by Rev. Kevin Zaborney of Michigan and countries such as Canada, Russia and China also observed this celebration. The goal of this celebration is to aware the people about the benefits we can get from hugging.

Hugging consider to be a “miracle drug” for it makes us healthy, it boost immune system, reduce stress, fight depression, promotes good sleeping habits. Hug is absolutely free, no added tax, no extra charges, no high rate and no hidden cost all for free and yet reversible and refundable. So Start stretching widely those arms today, give someone you love a very warm long hug. Make everyday a Free-hug day. Show how much you care in real life and even through virtual hug, believe me it pays a lot.

The Power of Hugging

Hugging accomplishes many things that you may never have thought of.

It …

  • feels good
  • dispels loneliness
  • overcomes fear
  • opens doors to feelings
  • builds self-esteem ( building someone’s pride and confidence)
  • fosters altruism (overcoming the sense of selfishness)
  • slows down aging (huggers stay young longer)
  • helps curb appetite

    More Good Things from Hugging

  • eases tension
  • fights insomnia
  • keeps arms and shoulder muscles in condition
  • provides stretching exercise if you are short
  • provides stooping exercise if you are tall
  • offers a wholesome alternative to promiscuity
  • offers a healthy, safe alternative to alcohol and other drug abuse
  • affirms physical being
  • is democratic (anyone is eligible for a hug)

Even More Benefits from Hugging

  • is ecologically sound (it does not upset the environment)
  • is energy-efficient (saves heat)
  • is portable
  • requires no special equipment
  • demands no special setting ( anywhere is a proper venue depending of which type of hug you’ll give and unless it’s not awkward then do it)
  • makes happy days happier
  • imparts feelings of belonging
  • fills up empty places in our lives
  • keeps on working to dispense benefits even after the hug is released