Key to Fight Stress: Have you been so stress out lately?

Do you know that being exposed constantly or monotonously on the same thing or same place can cause you stress? but these were often times inevitable for most of us deals a routinary task everyday. That is why to break the cycle and ease out is recommended. Like listen to the music, phone or talk to a friend, do some series of walk, ideal also to take a sightseeing and many more forms of relaxation away from daily loads. It doesn’t mean to go idle for several hours thus a minute or two can relax you already. Stress can strikes us at anytime.  Basically when we are pressed for time, keeping up with work, meeting deadlines, hassles, high demands, challenges, frustration, perturbation, consistency are factors that can heighten our stress.

Stress attack us through emotional and physical strain. This call our body to react into any stimuli either way by pressure or demand. Stress affecting our body periodically and continuously. The effect of stress depends on various people, the degree is higher once a person is exposed into a more stress-causing environment.

There are “positive and negative “ effects cause by stress. The positive effect adds more energy, strength and spice up your life, normally it cause your body sense to response like when you felt upset or threatened and you smell danger, you body defense mechanism will counter attack it, this is an automatic process known as the “fight-or-flight” reaction, or the stress response.

On the other way, when its way too heavy and it’s weighing you down and you can’t find an outlet or a breather to ease it out then this stress affects you already in negative manner. Which can be harmful to health, affect you interaction with people and your performance as well as you happiness.

First signs of stress is once your heart palpitate faster than usual, trouble breathing, sweating, cold hands and feet, upset stomach it means you’re under pressure and tense. To reduce stress you must pause for a while and take a long deep breath. A stress person also become irritable, they have poor concentration, you can also show signs of burn out or exhaustion and sleeping problems. Exercise can help reduce stress, the flow of blood with circulate in our body and balance our energy, smiling or laughing hard can unload the pressure you have and it’s the “cheapest best medicine”. While hug or being hug can give you a soothing feeling and comfort. Proper diet can help, take plenty of  juices and take a lot of fruits with vitamin C, this can fight stress and boost your immune system. For couple; sex is one of the best outlet to release stressy feelings. Always remember stress is a part of regular life basis and it’s impossible not to deal with it in our everyday struggles maintaining proper attitude and a positive approach is the best key to fight stress