Tongue power: Don’t just stick it out

The Facts That You Should Know: Tongue is the “most powerful voluntary muscle” we have in our body, while the heart is the most powerful involuntary muscle. Tongue is responsible for one’s speech, There are oral structures that causes speech that needs the help of the tongue to make yourself clearly understandable. Tongue is also responsible for tasting and processing the food. It mixes the food around your mouth. The tongue has taste buds that helps us distinguish the taste of the food we eat. The tongue is not considered as part of the respiratory system, mostly on account of it not assisting in breathing. It is part of the gastrointestinal (digestive) system.

Not just that, tongue also got numerous benefits and that we often times fail to noticed. Tongue can help you acquire to have a healthy teeth once you start to develop a habit of cleaning your teeth and gum with tongue every now and then. Another thing is tongue-kissing; it’s a best way to reduce stress, alleviate headache, prevent you from having lock-jaw, help you to maintain healthy mouth i.e less cavities and bad breath. Builds confidence and intimacy with your partner, making you a happier person.

How To Take Care Of Your Tongue?

Tongue scraper is one of the best way to clean your tongue, it will remove the food residue that is stock and accumulating in our tongue every time we eat. That we openly mistaken and blame the food being the major cause of our bad breath. If tongue scraper is not available, dab a soft cloth and gently clean your tongue by gently removing all those food particles that is living in your tongue for ages. Soft bristle tooth-brush or tooth-brush with tongue scraper included is commendable as well.