exhibitionism: shameless self exposure

Exhibitionism is colloquially referred to flashing, the act or practice of deliberate behavior or sexual perversion displaying his private parts so as to attract attention in order to be sexually gratified. It’s the opposite of voyeurism that which derives sexual pleasure out of feigning watching other person sexual activities or private parts while the being watched is unaware. In some cases, the exhibitionist masturbates while exposing themselves (or while fantasizing that they are exposing themselves) to the other person. And some are aware also of their unpleasant streaking that may shock other person.

In Sigmund Freud theory showed how infantile sexuality, prior to the establishment of the genital functions, was governed by the interplay of various component instincts which manifest themselves most often as pairs of opposites and each of which is linked to a particular erotogenic zone.

lastly, that exhibitionism as a manifestation of childhood sexuality is a common phenomenon and a part of sexual play. The desire to show off the genitals is linked to the needs for reassurance and knowledge.

Indecent Exposure and Public Lewdness Law
The Law concerning about public nudity and indecent exposure is different depending on every states. An intentional exposure of genitalia to arouse and to be sexually gratified that cause to alarmed or shock another person is an Indecent Exposure practice. This is an illegal act and a criminal offense and the exposer will be filed charges against him.

Types of exposure
Flashing– woman displaying of bare breasts with an up-and-down lifting of the shirt and or bra exposure and stroking of his/her genitals.
Mooning– bare buttocks display while bending down by the pulling-down of trousers and underwear. This act is seldom done as an act of humor and mockery rather than for sexual excitement.
Anasyrma– lifting up of the skirt when not wearing underwear, to expose genitals.
Martymachlia– is a paraphilia which involves sexual attraction to having others watch the execution of a sexual act.
Telephone scatalogia– is a variant of exhibitionism according to some researchers

Famous Celebrities Exhibitionist
To name some of few famous celebrities exhibitionist that engaging in this shameless practice are Linday Lohan oh well doesn’t care if her boobs is hanging out on her see-through dress welcoming the public to view her also Liz Hurley who seemed to forget her cropped top after revealing herself in dazzling blue sari. Hayden Panettiere star of the Heroes thinks of herself as an exhibitionist and many more flashing celebrities, some doing this on purpose just to be talked about and to be in headline with this dirty rumor and some are really dealing with it psychologically.