Tickle: Relief or Torture?

The Facts That You Should Know: Tickling could be fun and alleviating. It can relieve stressy feelings as well as make you forget about your worries for a while, turn your blues away and warm your heart. I’m pretty sure that you already heard about this saying; that laughter is the “best medicine” and “a laughter a day keeps a problem and doctor away”. After all of what the joy of heart it can bring, let’s not disregard the danger that falls onto this simple tickling act.

The most common ticklish zone which is the most sensitive parts of our body, are the sole of our feet, our armpit, the back of our neck ( nape), our ears thus, this varies from every individuals.

When someone tickle you it means that person wants to dominate you by forcing you to laugh. Those long and loud hard laughs coming from the tickle are not naturally innate and were  just manifested as a result from the social conditioning, this is one of the reason why tickle considered as torture as well.  Literally we can classify it as an excessive tickling once you been push down on the bed or ground or you already fall on the chair defenseless to the point that you’re still being provoke to laugh hard.

Basically you don’t tickle someone breathlessly and relentlessly that almost causing blockage of an airways ( choking), making a certain person scream or flushed into red. This is definitely a form of  abusive tickling despite the tickler doesn’t mean no harm. For this may still lead into some serious problems and even death once the person lost oxygen in his/her body or the person being tickled is dealing with heart problem. However the tickler and the ticklish should beware of intensive tickling for it can be harmful.

So next time for those who are into tickle fetish and those tickler bear this in your mind that “too much of something is bad enough” don’t overdo it. Tickling is not bad as long as you’ll tickle the delicate parts a little, gently and lightly just right enough to please and to set a curve on the lips and delights the heart.