Hug-a-Tree: The Benefits we can get from hugging a tree

“Trees are the kindest things I know,
They do no harm, they simply grow…”
We had grew up with numerous poems imprinted into our minds regarding the kindest nature of the trees. Trees in general are essential in building a pleasant and balance surrounding. It gives us  shades, fresh air, beautify as well as loads of things it can provide.  Basically tree is an awesome form of life.

Have you ever heard about hugging a tree? Are you aware about the benefits we can get out of it? Trees are lovely to looked at and they are huggable like human too. They are snuggly, friendly and cuddly. They also seek for some attention thus once you hug a tree you must hug the next tree close to it. Trees are a good listener they act as a shock absorber. They are the strongest buddy to lean on.

The Facts That You Should Know: Trees conserved energy by sustaining us a cooling effect. It improves the quality of air that we breathe, for the leaves filter and remove all the dust and particles to generate us fresh air. It was also said that patients that have a clear view of a trees from their window compare with those who were just completely bounded with bricks and wall recover fast from their ailments and are not delicately prone to any complications. Trees reduce noise pollution. Sensing the place surrounded with trees are tranquil and serene which is creating a restful feelings. Trees act as a pain reliever, reduce stress and relieves poor concentration you can observed that after each and every tree exposure.

Being a tree-hugger: When you hug a tree, you become amalgamated and be one with the tree. This personal linkage will allow the energy shift between you and the tree. The tree absorbed the negative energy that you have, will balance it and turn it into a positive one. Try to hug a tree longer with your eyes close. Take a deep breath, meditate and gently feel the energy as it flows through in and out of  your body. Keep hugging until you feel the total transmission of positive energies and you felt re-charged, renewed and reborn. this is the healing process we can benefited from the trees.  What are you waiting for? start to stretch out those arms and be a tree-hugger!


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