Are you Narcissist? Find out how much self-love and obsessed you are

Narcissist or self-love is a personality disorder, it is an abnormal excessive admiration or love with oneself. This can be characterize as self obsession. The term narcissistic is derived from an ancient Greek legend, the story of Echo and Narcissus. According to the Myth, Echo was a woodland nymph who fell in love with Narcissus, but Narcissus deliberately rejected Echo expressions of love. He has been condemned for his pride and self-satisfaction by god Apollo that he would die without ever knowing the human love. One day he saw his reflection and he fell in love with it.

Narcissist basically thinks highly of oneself, conceit. They are pre-occupied and apathetic thus egoistic and vain. A pervasive pattern of traits and behaviors that a certain narcissist displayed were infatuation and obsession that is leading into exclusion. They can become ruthless and shrewd to achieved their self-gratification, ambition and power. They are often attention seekers and wanted to be treated special for she firmly persuade herself that she is special, unique, rare and that she is superior than the rest. She is looking for excessive attention, admiration, adulation from those she believes to be of her same kind. She demand greatly that everything will go according to her will and expectations. She is selfish, self-centered to the point of being apathetic. There were even times she use other people for her own personal gain. Practically they arrogant, haughty and even become furious whenever they are frustrated.

The narcissist is obsessed with wild fantasies and illusion of immeasurable success, fame, fortune, power or omnipotence, while the cerebral narcissist is obsessed with physical aspect, like beauty or sexual performance and the somatic narcissist is obsessed with undying love and all-conquering love or passion.

Everyone of us dealing is with self-love to the certain degree but not to the extent that it would fall into obsession which is affecting our psychological condition, 75% of narcissists are mostly men. The onset of narcissism is in infancy, childhood and early adolescence. The child experience plays a big factor to this personality disorder. Those who suffer traumatic experiences inflicted by parents, peers and other people has a greater tendencies of being narcissist when they grow up.

If you’re drowning yourself  with this personality problem you should better seek a professional help. It’s not prohibited to love one self as long as it’s not too much as of obsession and It’s not hurting anyone.