Common Sense, Innate or learned?

Common sense defines as a manner of exhibiting a plain ordinary judgment or sound practical sense in perceiving the situation or facts. It does not correlate with what other people think or feel. It doesn’t mean brainy and pointy people got more common sense that those who are average in intelligence. Common sense practically applies to the moment whenever a person got to act accordingly. Basically this reaction we give nor get customarily i.e “Do you get me?”, ” Can you pick up?” In regular manner this words typically spill out of our mouth particularly for those folks in front of us whom the thought is elsewhere wandering nor neither way around they are just simply lacking of “common sense”. Sometimes we can’t help but to stumble upon to these phrase ” Use your common sense” It sounds pretty striking that will absolutely hit the receiver like a shotgun. Even though it is offending in a sense but we’re just force to deliberately utter this words for we expect that person whom we are dealing with can resonates good notion with us.

We want to shake them up “hey work on your sixth sense” as we refers it. Thus we have five senses, our sense of sight, touch, taste, sound and smell furthermore we have the sixth sensecommon sense. Which is endowed to us for making sound judgment and rational exponents. When common sense is properly functioning we can unambiguously agree that you’ll get scald once you sip a piping hot soup nor you will be hit by a car once you pass by to the constraint no crossing sign. It’s a common natural understanding that every common people would agree.

The Facts That You Should Know: Common sense is innate, but there’s a tendency that It could be learned and in due time a probability that this skill might be gained but the process of acquiring it varies from every individual. Some even take quite a pretty long before they finally locked up this in their senses. Unfortunately most number of people doesn’t know how to use their common sense properly and that’s what made a difference. The underused of it leads us to come out with bad decision and to fall complexity.

Common sense is natural understanding, it’s a natural gift and it’s exist as one of a recurrent issue in epistemology and many philosophers make wide use of the concept or at least refer to it. Some related concepts include intuitions, feelings, reason, senses, pre-theoretic belief, ordinary language, the frame problem, foundational beliefs, good sense, endoxa, and axioms.

On another note, stop being nonsense and  let’s carry on with us anywhere we go our common sense, it doesn’t have to be a smarty one to be equipped with this.