Anger:What Happened When You Get Angry?

What is Anger?

Is a burst or sudden strong emotional state that is naturally common to every human and non-human (animals) which is uncontrollable at times that could range from mild irritation to intense fury.


What happened when you get angry?

The Facts That You Should Know: When we get angry our heart rate increase the possible chest pain, dizziness and light-headedness can be felt. That’s why it has been said that being angry is not good for the heart for you might be facing also a high blood pressure or hypertension and once it is uncontrollable it can resulted into devastating effects to the health that can lead into heart problems and impairment of vision. Normally when we get angry it increases also the level of adrenaline and noradrenaline that is responsible for the body to stimulates the heart-rate, dilates blood vessels and air passages, and has a number of more minor effects. Adrenaline is naturally produced in high-stress or physically exhilarating situations.

When you are angry your face creates facial expression that would generate visible and unwanted marks later on, also your face will have a ” hot feeling” sensation, it is due to the presence of sudden flush of blood. Another is the function of certain facial muscle movement wherein its accounted for the greater elasticity of infant skin and the thicker deposits of fatty tissue underneath the skin that latter will cause wrinkles and furrows. This can be easily detected at the forehead and brow components for the skin of the forehead pulled tight by the action of muscles of the lower brow.

When you are angry we feel uncomfortable, we loss concentration, our physical energy is deteriorated, we become dispirited, dysfunction, a chances of encountering sleeping problems for we can’t hardly fall asleep due to the too much strong emotion that we hold in our heart and the worst of it can lead into insomnia. Our diet is also affected, we loss our appetite. This can lead to depression, anxiety, some fall into drug addiction and alcoholism.

” Whenever you get angry you lose a second of your regular heartbeat, a minute of focus, an hour of happiness, a day of  passion and a year of your age.” Beryl Kickinger