Flaming Lips- Hot and Sexy

Lips are a visible body part at the mouth that often times associated with females for draw more attentions from the opposite sex. Lips varies in sizes and shape, texture and color. Some lips are thinned and flat, some are thickened and with volume. Some are wide and some are narrow. Lips are soft and movable and a very tangible sensory organ, which is very erogenous during kissing.

Now a days every girl are dying to have a sexy hot lips. They even likely overdo the duckface epidemic look just to go with the flow. Some unlucky and uncontented would rather throw sumptuous amount of money for the cosmetic surgery or collagen injection just to achieved this hot trendy looked.

I remember when I was young my parents used to tell me, “oh you’re in your duckface again”. That time duckface is not yet a cliche’ nor aren’t present in anyone’s vocabulary. Well I might say my parents started it ermm as I presumed. They always remind me to tuck my lips and not to let it freely.
That time I felt so insecure and I admit I lose my self-confidence then. I also got a feeling that it’s not normal to have a very volume lips. As a young girl I wanted to be in analogous with my kin, I even envy those who got thinned ones. There were even times I really felt very unwanted.

Eventually it’s turn the table, the popular culture set a new standard in lips craze and the thickened full lips became the benchmark of sexy hot lips.The coming of Angelina Jolie make the world desire for the full and volume lips.

If you happened to got full lips like Angelina Jolie then It’s definitely sexy. It’s when both your upper lips (Labium superius) and The lower lips (Labium inferius) show immense volume. Beyond any doubt, those lips take Angelina Jolie to the stardom. whoa this lips type is definitely sizzling hot. However, if your lower lips(Labium inferius) is thicker than your upper lips (Labium superius) this is a typical lips that is commonly seen in majority of populace. We didn’t define this lips type as sexy though, eventually it didn’t attract the masses. This lips is also known as for “hanging lips” and it’s normal for everybody to possessed.
Another type is the intriguing type of them all, it’s when your upper lips (Labium superius) is thicker than the lower lips (Labium inferius) we called it pouting lips. The upper lips is more pronounce and got more fill. This is what I called as “flaming lips”. You’ll noticed number of popular models and sex icon possessed this lip type. This is very attractive to looked at and very spicy hot.

How does a hot sexy lips looked like? All lips types can be sexy, it depends upon the person how she carry her lips with confidence and pride. But if she ain’t blest enough don’t felt sorry for she still can accentuate it. We got number of  means to beautify our lips without undergoing plastic surgery. Dab a foundation to cover your lips then apply a lip liner on the outer outline of your lips (if you want to have a fuller lips) Then apply a glossy tint or lip color that enhance lips to make it fuller.

It doesn’t mean that you don’t possessed those flaming lips you can not be sexy anymore. Sexiness it an attitude and it lies within. Don’t wish to have Angelina Jolie’s lips nor to tire your jaws by your overstated duckface looked. Just be yourself and be contented of what you have. Remember what kind of lips you have is what completes your being. It will not be place onto your face if it will not coordinate with your facial features. Love and appreciate those lips you have for it balance  how you looked. What you have is what you are, just enjoy it and flaunt it!