Summer Solstice Celebration

Summer Solstice, colloquial term as “Midsummer Day “ is the festive that being observed during summer. It’s when the earth axial tilt closest to the sun at its maximum. It occurs in June at the Northern hemisphere and December in Southern Hemisphere. The celebration varies from one country to another. Different approached were made depending on the said countries culture and tradition.

Summer Soltice is a national holiday. It’s a traditional celebration particularly in the month of June 21st for it marks the day of the year wherein the sun reaches the highest position in the sky that means the summer sunshine reaches it peak or zenith. It is longest period of daytime and the shortest night-time. Although this said occurence doesn’t last long. The word “soltice” originated from the latin word which means “sun stand still”.

The celebration considerably enveloped various tradition that have been observed like the performance of ancients rites and agricultural rituals in order to recognized the good heaven for giving bountiful and fruitful harvest, another is for fertility. The celebrant definitely enjoy being one with nature and the sun. Some welcome it with huge bonfires, some with outdoor event that intend to bridge gap of the people like it what been observed in France. Midsummer’s Day is incomplete without numerous weddings conducted in that said event and the accompaniment of lively music, drinking, singing and dancing.

To sum it up, Summer Soltice is one of the frolicsome, joyous celebration in a year whereas people worship the beauty of nature and seek spiritual renewal.  Its fantastic and awesome experience. Which is full of fun and excitement. It’s truly remarkable day of a year as we are all gather with all our dear ones.