Donate a shoes- Help those deprived children walked with dignity and pride

I’m pretty sure most of the  readers of my article have at least more than one pair of shoes in their shoe rack, right? And almost fifty percent of us have different kinds of shoes for all occasions; walking shoes, slip on shoes, running shoes, party shoes, and a lot more. Some are totally vain already to throw sumptuous amount of money just to concede with this caprice. Furthermore this leads into an addiction. This worldly sickness is a result from indulging into niggling and petty extravagant shoe collection.

Luckily for us we got variety of shoes to choose from while there are children across the world who have none.  They’re situated in impoverished countries deprived of almost everything, living a hand-to-mouth life. Whereas, they cannot even afford all their basic necessities. It’s really heart-rending that underneath this same blue sky there are underprivileged children gazing at the star wishing and dreaming to have at least one pair of shoes.

The Facts That You Should Know: Basically, in countries like Africa and in South East Asia they have a great number of families that living in marginalize and down to extreme deprivation. Unfortunately, children can bear the heat of the ground walking with their feet uncovered without complain. Some even went to school barefoot or just slippers on as their foot protection. Imagine while most of us change shoes every month there are families suffering continuously and scarce in many things nor they don’t even have any single penny to buy food to fill in their empty stomach. These kid’s didn’t got a chance to experience how to walk with shoes on. And if you’ll give them a pair of shoe it’s probably be their very first shoes to own in their whole life too bad but that’s the saddest reality of life.

You don’t have to exchange your life with them just to bear with their distress condition. Thus, sympathize with them by just simply internalizing with them. If I’m richie girl I would feed all the hungry, clothes them, shelter and even shoe them. I want to inspire everybody that we can make a change. Not to mention my activity beside writing a blog; I’m active in reach-out project for the less fortunate and the needy. We are conducting feeding program, giving free lecture and many more. I’m also active in giving relief goods.

We can make a difference. I want to shake you up and learn how much lucky we are in this world. Why don’t we start imparting our life with them by sharing our blessings. If you have old shoes would you just even care to put it in a donation box, those shoes that were just stuck and filing up in our shoe cabinet but are still in good conditioned that can still be re-usable to others and all those expensive designers shoes go straight to garage sale and auction to raise a fund. The money you’ll make out of it can buy a new pair of running shoes for those dreamers and wishers deprived kids around the world who don’t have shoe to wear. Through this little act of good deeds we can show them how much we care and love them. You will surely make this kids truly happy for what you can do for them.

let’s make this world no room for selfish, self-centered, meanies and pathetic person. Make a move, donate a shoe and give those deprived children walk with dignity. Remember we will only live once and we will only passed this road once. So let’s make your life worthwhile. Always be grateful of what you have. It’s better to give than to received finally always stay as a blessing to others.


~Al mal tiempo, buena cara 🙂