Fatigue: Signs and Symptoms

Fatigue most common cause is lack of sleep. It can be also the cause of some underlying illnesses. Normally a regular adult needs at least 6-8 hours of sleep, for children 10-12 while toddler needs 14-16 hours of sleep each day.

Predominantly anemia or lack of iron specially for woman who is experiencing prolonged or heavy period can cause fatigue. Poor nutrition and infection can brought fatigue after having a flu for couple of weeks. Depression particularly dealing with emotional stress. Specifically during winter time wherein there are a presence of greater tendency to have winter depression or also known seasonal affective disorder are expected which these days can be treated successfully. Metabolism can be one of the factor mostly during the case of low metabolic rate when the body is taking a hard time to turn the food we take into energy.

A person suffering from diabetes, cancer and HIV is more prone to fatigue. Determine if you’re dealing with fatigue by considering the following signs and symptoms. A person under fatigue mostly felt tired all the time even after every rest. Activity level and performance level also change. When you felt tired after climbing the stair is one of the noticeable sign. Another is having sleeping difficulties. Thus low hormone level occurs mostly to men when the sex hormone testosterone level declines.

Fatigue is normal part of life function but once it being experience for a long course of time or almost a week you are already advice to see your physician to be properly treated.