Money is Not Everything! Trash That Dumbest Equal Money For All

This is my third time writing an article regarding this topic. Supposedly this topic is ain’t worth writing for because they aren’t big enough to be talked about. But then again no matter how small or big the issues is, this bs I guarantee, I can’t let it passed.

I don’t want to waste my “only” time thinking it over htf this people are thinking obviously their stupidity have been displayed too many times. I’m pretty sure none of my readers had any single encounter with this cult. Unfortunately this cult do exist ( jeje jeah they do), sadly and they are out to use all their possible means to poison the hungry and confused minds. Pay closely as these people are even using the leading social sites like Youtube, Facebook, Myspace and Ning to expand their network. Frankly I don’t care htf they live their bs life as long as they will not build their bs kingdom through the expense of others.

Practically this bunch of crazies get support from people who don’t have their “own minds”, fish brains and more into fanaticism. This cult is advocating a very ludicrous system. They target bigger crowds and more venue to discuss their non sense platform. It’s deafening how they echo their so-called system change ” Equal Money System for all” I wonder how narrow-minded, derange and fucked up these people are. This is the most dumbest, silliest, weirdest, craziest, a wholla heck of a shit ideology I have ever heard. The reason why our brain is placed on top it’s for us to use it. Sadly these people advocating this crap jeah seems using their 34 kb brain and yet corrupted no offense.

Equal money system for all ermm… do they think it will totally feed all the hunger, clothe and shelter the underprivileged? Do you think it will really end the poverty? If you think it will, then you only think farther than your nose. You don’t see it in the broader sense. You are just simply limiting your mind to the easy accessible solution that they make you believe can put an end to those problems but the truth is this system will just intensify the problem and paralyzed our economic growth. We don’t need this crap! Money Money Money is not everything in this world. Money is not the answer! Money can’t cure this social disease we’ve long time bearing. Actually this system is no longer new to us cause it been overly used in communist countries for centuries. We should not thrown away the lives and passion of our heroes who died for our freedom in order for us to celebrate living our life in a democratic and free way. Equal money system for all is very unjust, unfair system. System that support abuse and the sadist instigator of this bs crap!

Hard labor, arduous task, workaholic, hardworking bodies, exceptional talent, highly skilled and a lot more of these valuable category shouldn’t be treated equally with those idle, under or substandard worker, sit in one’s butt by giving them same rate. The bum, vagabond, drunkard, scum of this world shouldn’t have equal money with those regular nor average employee or worker. It’s a form of abuse and sadism when you get same share with entrepreneurs when you know they put on their blood into it just to acquire that running business.

Every hard work and all the outstanding workers deserve rewards, rebates, promotion they should not be pair equally with those average worker. If everyone will have equal money in their pocket, will have equal assets, equal property can you imagine how life become stagnant no progress at all. No more dreamers, no more challenges, no one will strive for the best. Everything will stop in one point “Money”… this will paralyzed our economic and personal growth.

Let me get you straight, stop worshiping money, don’t make your life circle into to it! Money is the root of all evil so then stop dwelling much into it. Don’t put your heart and soul by giving too much importance into money. Hey wake up, shake your 34 kb brain for once, see the real world outside. Frankly I don’t buy this crap! This is a total trash! and I don’t support system-abuser-user-sadist!

People are immune already and they already learn from the past. If you been a victim of this system-crap it’s not too late to straighten your path. The real world for “change” is out there and if you fall from their pit, get up. Remember the world is really full of stupid chimps. Held your head up high and just charge this as your worst experience.

We Don’t need Equal Money System For All I finalize!
what we need is…

-Education for all
-Decent life for all
-Equal Respect for all
-Equal privilege for all
-Equal rights for all

-Equal and Fair chances for all
-Equal and fair treatment for all

To sum it up, not a single chance I would stand to their stupidity! Please use your common sense jeje if you still have one. For your stupidity will not lead you far!

Lastly for those crazies meanies advocating this abuser-equal money system for all, I challenge your sincerity and your full support with your advocacy. Go and lead the way…Lay down all your possession and asset then share it equally with the bum that you’ll meet across the street. Do it right now. Shut your mothafuckinshit big mouth! And just “Practice what you preach stupid chimps! “


~Al mal tiempo, buena cara 🙂