Designer Drugs

Soft drugs– drugs that fall into this specification are known to be more dangerous psychologically than hard drugs even though they are known to be relatively mild and may not cause much addiction. Ice, crystal methamphetamine and ecstasy are some of soft drugs popular name. These drugs believe to cause minimal to non-addictive and perceived to no or less insignificant harm also it’s less damaging than those of psychotic drugs.

A numbers of celebrities have been caught dependent to soft drugs as well, particularly with the leading soft drugs of today “ecstasy”. It said to be pretty expensive for it cost around $40-$70 per tablet and mostly upper class people who are abusing this drug.

Illicit drugs consider to be a soft drugs and not likely to cause irritation. They take it through the form of bharg which means ( a the preparation of the dried leaves and the flower of the hemp plant that usually being practice in India. Cannabis, ganja, marijuana are the most common known illicit drugs. They take it through chewing, smoking by rolling the leaves. In some studies marijuana has proved to therapeutic claims. And it’s being used as medication but properly use and with due moderation.

Drugs is not safe without prescription and misuse of any drug whether with or without prescription is considerably addiction and abuse. Drugs is “not” strongly condone. Just bear in mind “drug abuser never grow old, for they die young”